Offensive evaluation

Last year’s dismal offensive performance had Alabama at ninth in the SEC in scoring and rushing, sixth in passing and eighth in total offense. This poor situation has the present coaching staff trying to match the scheme to the talent, according to the Mobile Press-Register. Offensive coordinator Major Applewhite explained the situation to the Mobile paper: “We’re installing an offense that fits the skills and talents and aptitude level of our players so we can go out and execute,” Alabama offensive coordinator Major Applewhite said last week. The article is worth a read as it restates some things everyone is thinking about the Saban offensive philosophy.


Players seem to understand the necessity of a strong conditioning program. The Tuscaloosa News has a great piece on junior cornerback Simeon Castille. Castille told the Tuscaloosa News, he and his teammates would not have been able to get through some of the spring drills without the five weeks of conditioning.

Wow. That is a revealing quote about the Mike Shula regime. We already knew the team was in bad shape, but for a player to put it into such vivid terms. Wow. If the players couldn’t make it through this type of rigorous practice, how could they be expected to survivel the fourth quarter against an Auburn or Tennessee or LSU? Wow.

Of course the team is still having some troubles performing in practice. Perhaps consisitent inconsistency is a good way to describe it?

Alabama’s baseball team continues to have troubles. The team lost a weekend series to LSU. The loss drops the Tide to 4-5 in SEC play.