Spring practice nears, Intel report & Biz news

Spring practice coverage 
Alabama football enters its second season as spring practice begins this week. Already Saban is addressing the issues of discipline and effort.

Auburn Intel Report
One of our regulars took the time to watch the Auburn A-Day game and shared a few observations. Top observations: Auburn’s kicking game looked bad, and the defense looked very solid. I’m glad he watched it, because I can only stomach seeing Auburn on a limited basis.


Business news
Alabama is facing growing mortgage defaults, according to mortgage numbers reported in the Birmingham News.

These defaults should be taken in consideration of a shocking documentary released by a conservative business school graduate. Maxed Out exposes how some of the biggest lenders are exploiting the current financial system. The director/producer James D. Scurlock said: “My goal was to paint the story of our debt-fueled culture in broad strokes. The more people I met, the more I realized that this is an emotional issue as well as an academic topic. So many people are being abused and manipulated by the financial industry but so few are asking “is this what we really want?” When the film is released, I’d like to challenge the assumptions about the way we live our lives and shift the debate.”

This research raises some interesting questions about the shocking lack of financial awareness on the part of American consumers, but it also paints lenders in an equally bad light. For someone who is a conservative it caused me great concern due to the exploitative nature of some—it illustrates how dangerous the free market can be.