Freddie Kitchens interviewed & other items

Q&A with Freddie Kitchens. In a brief interview with the Arizona TE coach, the former Alabama QB talks about his coaching career and how playing football played a role in molding him as a coach.

What spring practice is about: building toughness. For once, Shane has an accurate observation about the importance of spring football to the college game.


JSU keeps coachs’ contract secret. In what looks like a violation of the state’s open records law, JSU has decided it doesn’t have to release information on what it pays its football coaches.

Non-sports stuff
Breast feeding protest: What has Alabama come to when people here behave like New Yorkers? Seriously, I understand people breast feed babies. Fine, but do they think they are entitled to do it in public places, especially restaurants when other people are eating? Yes, we are all supposed to be adults, but there is just something out of place when people believe they can do anything, anywhere, anytime—it makes reminds me of a Seinfeld episode. 🙂 And to anyone who asks, how could that woman have fed her baby at the restaurant? There’s a simple answer, that’s what they make bottles for. We are better than animals because we use technology; this is one instance where a bottle is better than a breast. And if you disagree, you can email us at