NIT and 2008 recruiting update

Alabama’s season nets NIT bid. Could it have been any worse? There’s no spin on the season that makes it acceptable to be considered NOT one of the top 65 teams in the nation. What is even more comical, Alabama is seeded fifth in the NIT. That’s right, fifth. Here’s the complete NIT bracket.


In case you missed our recruiting updates last week, we featured stories on two of Alabama’s 2008 commitments Michael Williams and Brandon Lewis. We are working on a profile of Jermaine Preyear and will get that posted as soon as it is finished. We’ll also have an update on all the offers made to juniors by Alabama this week. You can follow the recruiting updates on our Recruiting page.

For those of you really following the recruiting visits, a top TE prospect from Kentucky visited Alabama, according to the Tuscaloosa News.