RECRUITING: Brandon Lewis good kid, good skills

PLEASANT GROVE—Nick Saban added another commit to his 2008 recruiting class this week with the verbal pledge of Pleasant Grove Spartan Brandon Lewis. Lewis possess many skills that will help him get to the next level of football, his coaches said Tuesday.

“He has a great work ethic. He has a good motor, and he is extremely coachable,” said Spartan defensive coordinator Greg Appling. “He is a bright kid.”


Lewis played defensive end in 2006 (the junior season). The Spartans feature a 4-4 defensive set and Lewis provided pressure from the outside. His efforts netted 85 tackles and 12 sacks.

“He moved to defense because we needed help at the strong side defensive end position,” Appling said.

Prior to the junior season move to primarily defense, Lewis played primiarly offense in his sophomore year (10th grade season.) His sophomore season Lewis saw defensive snaps only in long yardage situations to provided additional defensive pressure, but with the team needing help on defense, Lewis made the move.

Defense is also where the Spartan coaching staff thought Lewis would have the best chance of playing college ball. And it looks to have paid off for both the Spartans and Lewis.

Lewis is a very agile person for someone of his size. And that athleticism was what caught Alabama’s eye.

“He moves around really well for a big guy,” Appling said. “He is good with his feet, and that was what Coach Saban liked about him—his athleticism.”

Lewis is a life-long Alabama fan with a great family background.

“He is the kind of kid you would want to have as your own,” Appling said. “His mom and dad did a great job with him.”




Hard worker

Works hard in practice




Use of hands

Learning to read more

6’3” 250-pounds 4.7 speed