I could compile a list of links about the basketball game, but is there really any need? Everyone knows this game is important because the NCAA tournament is near and a loss hurts Alabama’s chances. Will Gottfried shuffle the lineup? Will Steele and Gee sit on the bench? Will Tubbs provide some defensive intensity?

Meh. My enthusiasm for this basketball team has reached a new low. I can remember the days when Wimp Sanderson coached and never once did I feel this way. Each game was exciting, and we knew when the SEC tournament arrived we would challenge for it all. But this year’s team has done nothing to impress or capture my attention. I’ll watch the game, but all of the excitement has gone. The tournaments haven’t started yet, and that means the team can make this a memorable season, provided they don’t choke at home.

And in Spring Practice news:
Here’s a list of EVERY Division-1 team’s practice schedule, listed alphabetically. So, if you want to know when Stanford hits the field (April 4), then check it out.

Severe weather:
Much of Alabama is expected to see strong storms tonight. You can get the latest Alabama information (filled with all the technicals) by visiting It’s probably the best weather blog out there.