Newspaper issues apology for Saban column

FROM THE DAILY WORLD: Apology for Monday’s sports column

A sports column on Alabama head football coach Nick Saban in Monday’s edition of the Daily World was innaccurate.
We apologize for its inclusion in the newspaper.

NO statement from newspaper on status of the sports editor who wrote the column. MORE: Paul Finebaum read an email from Tom Dodge, sports editor of the Daily World. Finebaum read the email on air, which included a personal apology to Finebaum. Dodge also said he should have checked the facts prior to writing the column, but assumed the information contained in the story was true in light of Saban’s coonass comments.

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    Capstone Report » Media Hoax Day 2: Apology released, but questions linger

    […] So far, the Daily World has not answered many questions regarding the hoax. The only actions of the newspaper were to pull the column from its website, and declaring the column inaccurate. Late Monday afternoon, the paper posted an apology on its website. This morning, the apology was difficult to find, (UPDATE: THE NEWSPAPER PUT THE APOLOGY BACK ON THE FRONT OF THE WEBSITE LATE THIS MORNING) and it remains unclear if the paper planned to punish the sports writer. In Dodge’s defense, he did send an email apology to Paul Finebaum Monday afternoon; Finebaum read the apology during his show’s closing minutes. However, the newspaper owes Saban, the University and the entire public an answer and a public record of its actions in the wake of the scandal (not some minor hidden thing on its website.)   But this latest attack continues the assault on Saban. From the beginning, Saban has made himself and the University a target. And biased members of the press have gone along with it. Sometimes it is outright bias like Colin Cowherd’s regular attacks on his ESPN radio program (attacks fueled by an Auburn grad producer). Sometimes the attacks are misjudgments fueled by dislike for Saban. The leaking of the coonass tape and the Internet hoax were both fueled by reporter’s dislike of the Saban. […]

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