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Snowflakes at TBR ban a Christian Nationalist

The Cult of Bart Barber has a home on Facebook.

The Baptist Review, A Hive of Woke Scum & Villainy, bans William Wolfe. Why?

A Facebook group serves as Ground Zero for Woke pastors working to destroy the Southern Baptist Convention. The Baptist Review, a Facebook group with about 4,700 members, has relentlessly banned conservatives and anyone who tells the truth about lifelong Democrat Russell Moore or liars like current SBC President Bart Barber. The latest ban fell on William Wolfe.

According to Wolfe, “Political targeting and injustice in The Baptist Review: I just got booted for no good reason whatsoever. As many of you know there is a Facebook group called The Baptist Review. One of the moderators is Griffin Gulledge. I’ve been a member of that group for about two years or so. I’ve never violated the rules. I’ve never even received so much as a warning. But when I went to go to it the other day, I found I had been banned. Upon inquiry, I’ve been informed they kicked me out, with no warning or heads up, and no reasons given other than some of the moderators wanted to remove me. This is clearly unjust, ungodly, and targeted harassment. More details coming—but shame on them.”

No reason. That’s the same tale others—always conservatives—tell about their experience with the group.

In a message obtained by the Capstone Report, you can see the reason that Wolfe was banned from the Woke group.

“In this case there were not specific group rules that were violated within the group. However the consensus among the admins was that your removal from TBR was in the overall best interest of group quality given their observations of your activities on other social media.”

Activities? What activities?

Oh, yeah, William Wolfe is an alum of the Trump Administration with time spent at both Foggy Bottom and DoD. He’s also a proponent of Christian Nationalism.

Also, did you notice one name mentioned by Wolfe? Griffin Gulledge. Gulledge is a pastor of a Cooperative Baptist Fellowship church and was part of the character assassination scam against Conservative Baptist Network 2021 Presidential nominee Mike Stone.

Wolfe points out a very important reason for why he was removed form the group—these “pastors” are snowflakes.”

Wolfe explained, “As I’ve thought about it, I realize they are acting like woke college kids, sheltered, and trying to keep out ‘unwanted’ voices and people who might make them think. They are fragile, demanding their ‘safe space’ and just my mere *presence* threatened their fragile minds.”

He continued, “Because as I said, I never broke rules in the group. I barely even engaged in it! But even just my presence there was too triggering for them. It’s really sad and pathetic the more you think about it. I hope this is instructive for others: behold your Baptist ‘leaders!’”

The list of the of administrators and moderators for The Baptist Review show a whole group of Wokesters destroying the Southern Baptist Convention.

Check it out:

The Baptist Review
Will Standridge
Preteen and Student Pastor at Paramount Baptist Church
Seth Andrew Sandlin
Service Manager at Hoover Toyota
Chris Hultgren
J Allen Murray
Pastor at Centerville Baptist Church
Graham Jackson
Tyler Armstrong
Pastor of Discipleship and Communications at Plymouth Park Baptist Church
Jared Cornutt
Lead Pastor at North Shelby Baptist Church
Griffin Gulledge
Pastor at Madison Baptist Church
Brad Cone
Georgia College & State University
Justin Davis
Teacher at Calvary Chapel High School
Matt Henslee
Adjunct Professor at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
Carson Rogers
Operations Team Leader at Foundever

So many names of bad actors in the SBC, but Matt Henslee deserves special attention—Henslee serves on staff at the same church with current SBC President Bart Barber. TBR has always boosted Barber.

You might recall that Barber appointed an admitted liar to an important SBC committee and spread vicious lies from Russell Moore and his cronies about conservative Religious Broadcasters. In fact, Bart Barber even retweeted unsubstantiated rumors about a woman. How bad is Bart Barber? Bart Barber was endorsed by David French. Bart Barber was endorsed by World Economic Forum stooge and woman pastor promoter Rick Warren.

And Barber has boosted them.

And this same group was busy promoting Ed Litton in the last campaign cycle. Remember when that group was used to promote a luncheon funded by the disgraced Adam Greenway administration of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (SWBTS)?

So, now the people who gave you Bart Barber and Ed Litton are continuing to purge conservative members so they can prevent the 4,700 sheep in that group from being exposed to the truth. It won’t work. Their jig is up.

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