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SBC Elites defend churches with women pastors, attack conservatives

The Conservative Baptist Network released a damning report highlighting the leftward drift of the Southern Baptist Convention this week. It triggered the Woke SBC Elites running the nation’s largest Protestant denomination. Some of the reactions were telling. Men who defended churches with women pastors were denying there is any liberal drift in the SBC.

Andrew Hébert denied the leftward drift in the Southern Baptist Convention and was exposed as the very example of that drift.

Andrew Hébert tweeted, “I’m occasionally asked, ‘Do you think the SBC is experiencing liberal drift?’ My answer: Absolutely not. Ask an ACTUAL liberal if Southern Baptists are going liberal and you’ll have your answer.”

And then Andrew Hébert was humiliated for being the liar he is as a distinguished Southern Baptist pointed out Andrew Hébert defended churches having women pastors.

Jon Whitehead said, “Respectfully, Andrew, here is liberal drift: your arguments for allowing women pastors to stay in the @_SBTC. You wouldn’t have said this at Taylor. If SBC leaders can’t uphold the plain requirements, they can only jawbone about abuse of the office.”

This is a very important point. If someone like Andrew Hébert feels free to defend churches in outright rebellion to an explicit command from the Apostles, then all their claims of support for biblical inerrancy is a joke. They don’t really believe the Bible if they make room for churches in the SBC in deliberate defiance of such an explicit command.

Other SBC sycophants were quick to attack the CBN. As we reported, one Woke SBC pastor called on the SBC to expel conservative churches.

Who is this pastor?

A NAMB stooge, as Joel Rainey’s LinkedIn shows he worked for NAMB—the most wicked SBC entity (and if you doubt the wickedness of NAMB, then you should read about how many times NAMB has lied to federal courts and been busted in the process.) Rainey’s NAMB associations included on his LinkedIn include, “Certified Church Planter Lead Assessor with the North American Mission Board, SBC; Commissioned as a Domestic Missionary with the North American Mission Board, SBC.”

Also, Rainey’s Twitter bio brags about bylines in the Woke Washington Post and leftist Christianity Today.

Obviously, he is an expert on being a conservative—well, fake conservative that is. He is a typical lying leftist filling too many of the nation’s pulpits in general and Southern Baptist pulpits in particular. As Rod Martin noted, Rainey has lied about the Conservative Baptist Network for years and has so far refused to retract his lies. In other words, not a very “Christian” way for a pastor to act. Of course, this is how leftists behave when they are busy trying to undermine the Church.

Why all the hate for the Conservative Baptist Network? SBC Elites and their Woke fanboys are afraid you’ll read the report and share it with your friends. So, you should do exactly that. Read this and make sure everyone you know reads it too. The report is embedded below in PDF format and provides extensive proof of the Leftward Drift of the Southern Baptist Convention.

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