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Why is Liberty hosting David Platt?

David Platt's Social Justice Theology angers conservatives at McLean Bible Church.

Liberty Convocation Speakers show a leftward drift

Why is Liberty University hosting David Platt? Liberty University’s Office of Spiritual Development announced it would host Platt at a convocation scheduled for September 28.

What do the 10,000 people who have left McLean Bible Church know that Liberty doesn’t?

The leftist pastor of McLean Bible Church was exposed over the last year as not only a leftist promoting Critical Race Theory by former elders and ministry leaders at the church but also as someone promoting the lie that Christians can vote for Democrats. Platt was rebuked in a 35-page letter outlining the problems with CRT at McLean Bible Church. Also, Platt was rebuked in a 17-page letter outlining both CRT and transparency problems with Platt’s leadership.

Platt even billed McLean Bible Church for his “free” copies of his book which justified Christians voting Democrat.

Platt embarrassed himself and all Christians when he catered to snowflake Christians upset at Platt praying for President Donald Trump.

Platt accused conservative church members critical of McLean Bible Church’s leftward drift of being racists.

In fact, Platt repeatedly lied from the pulpit of McLean Bible Church.

And that is just the beginning of the problems with David Platt.

Again, why is Liberty University hosting David Platt?

And that is not all—Liberty is hosting a few other interesting names this fall. In what is yet another attempt to campaign for the GOP nomination in 2024, Mike Pence will speak September 14. We’ve noted that Pence is a bad choice for conservatives because Pence folded to anti-Christian forces while governor of Indiana. Pence is closer to the cheese-eating surrender monkeys of Evangelicalism than the alternatives.

And that’s not all. Jefferson Bethke will speak at Liberty November 2. According to the Christian Post, Bethke “offered capitulation instead of real compassion, saying nothing of the Savior’s desire to bring breakthrough to sexual (or any form of) brokenness. Loving every human being isn’t the same as loving (what every human is) doing. At the end of the interview, the evangelical social media influencer shockingly agreed with the host who said of homosexuality: ‘Because the religious community needs people who say, that is not our fight.’ After a biblically-challenged attempt to explain how inclusive Christianity is, Bethke responded: ‘Like you said, that’s not our fight … my generation, I see us saying that pretty loudly.’”

Given the explosion of LGBTQ+ sexual ideology, this seems like a bad time for Liberty to allow such a compromised speaker on campus!

And there is more.

Christian and Paralympian Jessica Long will speak at Liberty’s convocation November 9. Long won 23 medals in the Paralympics and is a three-time ESPY winner. Long serves on the Women’s Sports Foundation’s Athlete Advisory Panel. The WSF promotes Title IX in sports and the inclusion of trans athletes in women’s sports. According to a WSF position paper, “The Women’s Sports Foundation supports the right of all athletes, including transgender athletes, to participate in athletic competition that is fair, equitable and respectful to all.”

It seems that Liberty’s convocation speaker list is drifting leftward. If the speakers are drifting left, what else is happening there?

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