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Albert Mohler is now a Christian Nationalist

Al Mohler blasts SBC President Ed Litton over plagiarism and manufactured sermons

SBTS President Albert Mohler to speak at National Conservatism Conference. Mohler declared himself an ‘Ally’ for the National Conservative movement. Says he will not join the ‘One World Order.’

Albert Mohler now calls himself a Christian Nationalist and says he will not join the One World Order pushed by globalists. Also, Mohler declared himself an “ally” of the National Conservative movement.

Mohler said on a podcast with Yoram Hazony, “Even conservatives who once would have identified themselves clearly as nationalists they’re now running scared from the term. And we have the Left routinely speaking of me and of others as Christian Nationalists, as if we’re supposed to be running from that. And you know, I’m not about to run from that. I’m not about to join their One World Order, which frankly has absolutely no roots for the human rights they claim to be preserving.”

So, Mohler identifies as a Christian Nationalist. Also, Mohler praised Hazony’s excellent book The Virtue of Nationalism. It is an interesting and informative conversation. Check it out. Hazony’s new book Conservatism: A Rediscovery was discussed with Mohler. (Here is our analysis of that important new book.)

Mohler also revealed he considers himself an “ally” of the National Conservative movement.

In fact, Mohler will be a featured speaker at the 2022 National Conservatism Conference set for September 11-13 in Miami. Here is a list of speakers. Many important thinkers set for the conference including Elbridge Colby, Megan Basham, and Peter Thiel.

Here is a promo video for the conference. You can register for the conference at

Mohler’s embracing National Conservative and Christian Nationalism is an interesting turn. In January 2021, Mohler said that nationalism is a “clear and present danger.”

Mohler said on The Briefing that patriotism is good; however, “We have to understand that nationalism is always a clear and present danger. It’s especially clear in the 20th century when nationalism took various, very deadly forms.”

However, Mohler was careful in 2019 to affirm that Christians owe allegiance to their nation more than those outside it—he cited that we owe a duty to our neighbor that is closest to us more than the one farther away. Likewise, Mohler cited the Tower of Babel to explain that God has a purpose for nations (built out of different language groups.) The Tower of Babel is an important element in our argument for the biblical basis of the Nation-State.

Mohler continues to embrace important conservative positions as the Southern Baptist Convention drifts leftward with the likes of Adam Greenway at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (SWBTS) as the best example of someone advocating a pragmatic embracing of the decadent culture and leftist ideology.

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