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Confused: David Platt thinks men have unwanted pregnancies?

In radical sermon, David Platt thinks affordable housing, affordable healthcare can help reduce abortions.

In David Platt’s July 3 sermon to McLean Bible Church, Platt seems to think women and men have unwanted pregnancies!

What could this mean?

Has David Platt bought into the Woke notion that men can become pregnant?

Is this Platt’s latest walk on the Woke side? His winsome outreach to the leftist masses?

Perhaps, it is just sloppy wording that would only come from someone unaware of the Culture Wars because they live isolated in an Ivory Tower. That is far likelier.

Unlike most evangelicals who toil amidst workplaces best with cancel mobs, Platt lives in splendid isolation from what afflicts those without Platt’s big salary and million dollar home.

One thing Southern Baptist Elites will tell you is that David Platt is a man of remarkable intelligence. They share the story over and over about all his degrees and how quickly he earned them.

Yet, for anyone who has ever heard a David Platt sermon, you instinctively know something is a bit off. Platt’s latest sermon on Abortion proves no different. It is performative. It mixes the good (the absolute assertion that the Bible teaches life in the womb must be protected) with the bad (calls for social justice spending along with adoption of pro-abortion terms and concepts).

For example, Platt cannot help himself but demand social programs to fight poverty—because Platt assumes with leftists that abortion is a consequence of poverty rather than sexual immorality and selfishness.

Platt preaches, “Fifth: Reach Out. There are so many ways this can and needs to play out across the church. Reach out through working for justice in high-risk communities so that the factors that lead to abortion are addressed. If we don’t address root issues of poverty and sexual activity and substance abuse and sexual abuse and affordable housing and health care and on and on, then we’re just putting band-aids on broken limbs. Let’s work for justice in high-risk communities let’s give to work that promotes and promotes protects and promotes life in the womb and quality of life outside the womb in all kinds of ways.”

What does justice have to do with affordable housing or affordable healthcare?

Even more to the point of abortion, what does affordable housing have to do with not murdering babies?

Affordable housing is good. Yet, it and poverty hardly seem to be the cause of abortion. Is not society wealthier today than during the Great Depression? Yet, abortion is a far greater problem today.

Perhaps, the best way to avoid abortions is to proclaim what Platt did earlier in the sermon—that what is within the mother’s womb is life made in the Image of God and it is wrong to kill that life. Proclaim that without any of these additional leftist talking points.

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