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Kevin Smith blasts Trump voters, earns praise from Democrats

Is Kevin Smith’s boss Jimmy Scroggins a ‘whore’ who ‘bent over for Trump’ too?

SBC pastor and ERLC trustee vice-chairman Kevin Smith blasted Trump supporting Southern Baptists as Christians who “bent over and became political whores” for Donald Trump. One wonders if Trump supporting Southern Baptists might include Kevin Smith’s boss at West Palm Beach multicampus Family Church. In 2019, Scroggins welcomed Trump to a Christmas Eve service.

Does staging that photo op for President Trump make Scroggins a “whore” too?

Scroggins is the SBC Elite who without any authorization from LifeWay trustees authorized a One-million-dollar severance package for the failed former LifeWay CEO Thom Rainer.

Scroggins authorized the LifeWay CEO to receive the package after eight consecutive years of multi-million-dollar losses that ended with LifeWay closing its retail stores.  

The LifeWay trustees did not vote on the package. Nobody on the trustees knew of the deal except Scroggins. And Scroggins at the time was having books published by Thom Rainer’s LifeWay. In fact, LifeWay published books by Scroggins in 2016, 2020, and again in 2021.

How very Swampy.

Speaking of the Swamp. Kevin Smith is popular with Occupy Democrats.

The group along with leftist mainstream press outlets praised Smith’s attack on Christians as “whores” who “bent over” for Trump.

As Todd Starnes observed, “That moment when Occupy Democrats heaps praise on a Southern Baptist leader…..”

Occupy Democrats put out a graphic praising Smith.

This should highlight the disconnect between the masses of Southern Baptists and SBC Elites who pat one another on the back, enrich one another with sweetheart deals, and then insult the masses who just happen to pay the bills.

With leadership like this is it any wonder the SBC is in decline?

Is there any doubt of the Leftward Drift? In fact, can we not say that there is indeed a leftward sprint? And that sprint is taking place while the masses and the culture are becoming reactionary?

Where the culture is disgusted with megacorporations grooming kids—our SBC Elites go and party at Disneyland!

Like the disgraceful SBC SBC President looking like a buffoon in this image.


Oh, and one last thing, we mentioned that Kevin Smith is an ERLC trustee. He was just re-appointed for another term ending in 2026!

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