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REPORT: Tennessee Baptist exec calls for break with Guidepost

Tennessee Baptist leader calls for break with Guidepost Solutions

Will other SBC leaders speak out?

As we reported this morning, SBC Elites are claiming the Southern Baptist Convention’s relationship with Guidepost is at an end with the investigation and report. However, that is a lie. The SBC continues to use Guidepost to staff a hotline and the ERLC has a three-year deal with Guidepost to conduct an assessment. This is important because Guidepost tweeted in support of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion policies and declared itself an LGBTQ+ Ally. Southern Baptists were alarmed.

Now Southern Baptist Convention leaders are calling for an end the SBC using tithes and offerings to pay for services from a firm that promotes godless sexual ideology. Tennessee Baptist Mission Board (the state convention for Tennessee) leader Randy Davis called on all SBC entities funded by the Cooperative Program to cease work with Guidepost.

In a statement released by the Tennessee Baptist paper Davis said:

“I’m sure I share the concerns of countless other Southern Baptists regarding the tweet made yesterday by Guidepost Solutions affirming their pride in being an ‘ally to the LBGTQ+ community.’

I firmly believe those who identify with the LGBTQ+ community have value and worth, especially to our Lord. However, that is a completely separate thought from hiring a firm to investigate the issue of sexual abuse. I do not believe the Southern Baptist Convention should be connected in any fiduciary way to any organization that is consulting with us on such an important topic yet does not share our biblical perspective of human sexuality.

“I believe the substance of the Sexual Abuse Task Force report does identify an extremely important issue that needs to be addressed and corrected. We should — and will —do all we can to eradicate sexual abuse from our convention and make our churches as safe as possible for everyone while caring well for sexual abuse survivors.

“However, Guidepost Solutions’ recently tweeted value statement on human sexuality is in sharp contrast to the Bible’s family and marriage values and our confessional statements summarized by the Baptist Faith and Message. Amos 3:3 asks, ‘Can two walk together unless they agree?’ Given the disparity of conviction on the issue of human sexuality, I don’t believe in this situation we can, or should, walk together. It undermines my confidence in any proposed future relationship between any SBC entity and Guidepost Solutions.

Therefore, I respectfully ask all SBC entities receiving Cooperative Program funding to immediately break ties with Guidepost Solutions.”

This ball is in the ERLC’s court.

Will the ERLC do the right thing and end its relationship with Guidepost?

Or will it continue to divide and destroy the Southern Baptist Convention just as it did in the days when lifelong Democrat Russell Moore led the organization?

And what other Southern Baptist leaders will speak out to condemn the SBC’s association with Guidepost?

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