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David French attacks postliberals when Leftist Elites are the real threat

Leftists are grooming children into sexual ideologies, spreading Critical Race Theory in our schools, and indoctrinating another generation of students into some version of Race Marxism. So, naturally David French worries about the out-of-power postliberals.

And French’s proposal to solve all our problems?

He’d like to buy the world a Coke and, keep it company, and teach it to sing in perfect harmony!

No, seriously. His solution to an invading army of Leftist autocrats swarming the land is to surrender the mean Culture War fight and focus on the small, the kind. French has no time for tribalism. Let us abandon the all-hands-on-deck Culture War and distract ourselves with some bowling!

“When our crisis is one of hatred, anxiety, and despair, don’t look to politics to heal our hearts,” French writes.

Well, who does that?

I’m not looking for government to heal lives. I want government to protect me from the fanatical whims of Know-it-all Leftists who want to mask people 24/7/365 and mutilate children in homage to the god of Trans ideology.

However, at this moment those very know-it-all leftists are in power and attacking everything Americans hold dear—our children, our families, our faith.

David French is happy with this. After all, we get more Drag Queen Story Hours today than ever before in our history! And that is a blessing of liberty, you bigot.

“And in this present time, thanks to the steadily-expanding sphere of American liberty, we have more ability to unite—including for religious purposes—than at any time in American history,” French writes.


Where was David French when Jenna Ellis was fighting to keep John MacArthur’s church open when the government wanted to close it?

He was busy justifying closing churches as along as businesses are closed too. Neutral principles and stuff.

Liberty in this view is liberty for the leftists bureaucrats to do whatever they want.

Let me not be totally negative. French’s column this Sunday is not entirely bad. He rightly notes who should be blamed if we lose our republic.

French observes, “Our government is imperfect, but if this republic fractures, its people will be to blame.”

Yes, the blame will fall on people like David French who refuse to fight.

The blame will fall on people like David French who attack Ron DeSantis for fighting against the Woke-Entertainment Complex grooming kids.

The blame will fall on people like David French who promote Critical Race Theory and fight against conservative attempts to ban such Race Marxism.

And the blame will fall on anyone who listens to David French. At this point, everyone knows he is a tool of the Leftist autocrats destroying America.

Since David French encourages people to start small—here is one small step that every American conservative should take: do the opposite of what David French recommends.

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