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‘These people are wicked!’

SBC Elites attack Tom Buck & Jennifer Buck.

Jennifer Buck: ‘Let me make this clear: There is nothing I’ve experienced in my entire life that I feel more abused by than what the SBC leaders are doing to me and my husband. These people are wicked!’

The partisan political tricks hit a new low in the Southern Baptist Convention Monday when someone leaked a private draft of an article by Jennifer Buck to smear her husband, Pastor Tom Buck. The story published by Baptist News Global used an anonymously obtained draft of Jennifer Buck’s published testimony of God’s grace in healing their marriage.

Jennifer Buck blasted the article as lies and pointed out abuse victims are nothing more than political pawns for some SBC insiders. She said, “This article is filled with lies. They are twisting partial truth to use me to attack my husband for their political purposes. This is what they truly think of people who they even believe might be abuse victims. They are little more than pawns in their political games.”

This is true. The SBC Elites use abuse victims. You might recall Hannah-Kate Williams claimed she felt Grant Gaines used her as a political prop in Nashville. Of course, SBC Elites did not apologize to Hannah-Kate Williams. Many simply blocked her on Twitter after her allegations. I guess that is how they are Caring Well!

You might wonder why we feel confident in using language like SBC Elites as those involved in attacking Tom and Jennifer Buck. That is a good question. Carefully parse what Tom and Jennifer Buck said.

Jennifer Buck said, “There is nothing I’ve experienced in my entire life that I feel more abused by than what the SBC leaders are doing to me and my husband. These people are wicked!”

SBC leaders. Notice that.

In another tweet, Tom Buck challenged the SBC insiders who expressed sympathy to act against those who intentionally tried to harm him as a political attack.

Tom Buck said, “If it is proven that any SBC leader was involved in disseminating my wife’s rough draft, will you join us to call for them to be held fully accountable? And if an SBC employee to be terminated?”

Such words jump off the page. It is a public challenge and a public revelation that more is to come on this sordid tale of SBC politics.

And that is not good for the wicked men and women who compose the SBC Elite.

Already, Tom Buck exposed two men associated with SBC Voices as liars involving this very case. One deserves special mention. Todd Benkert a longtime SBC Voices writer and editor admitted lying about the draft. In a tweet, Pastor Todd Benkert of Oak Creek Community Church in Mishiwaka, Indiana, said he lied to protect the SBC Elite leaker from Tom Buck’s “bullying.” Yes. You read that right. Here is the proof.

Benkert deleted the tweet. He cannot delete God’s memory of it nor the record of the Internet.

One wonders what Benkert’s church will do? Will his fellow elders do anything? If not, we should make sure all of his members know how Benkert treats alleged abuse victims and Benkert’s proclivity to lie.

These are the types of men who are pastors in too many Southern Baptist churches.

Grant Gaines. Todd Benkert. Abuse is nothing more than a political means to their end of destroying political rivals. These are evil men.

Or, to borrow Jennifer Buck’s words—wicked!

And we have not yet seen all that this scandal has yet to reveal.

Let us trust that in God’s good time, the names of the SBC leaders and employees will be exposed.

A full accounting must be had. The names must be revealed. Those who coordinated the hit and leaked that private document betrayed not only friendships but have betrayed their belief that God does not heal marriages, forgive sins, nor does He have any power to change lives.

That is what this leak and this political smear reveals.

May God have mercy on the Southern Baptist Convention with pastors, employees, and leaders like this!

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