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Tom Ascol accepts conservative nomination for SBC President

Tom Ascol accepts nomination for SBC President.

Tom Ascol blasts the way SBC Elites blocked a grassroots Southern Baptist effort to condemn Critical Race Theory.

Ascol calls on SBC bureaucrats & elites to rebuild trust with conservative Southern Baptists who feel their concerns are not addressed.

Tom Ascol endorses Voddie Baucham to lead SBC Pastor’s Conference.

Dr. Tom Ascol said he would allow his name to be placed into nomination for President of the Southern Baptist Convention. Ascol made the announcement on YouTube. Earlier today, a group of conservative Southern Baptists announced their intention to nominate Dr. Ascol as SBC President in an effort to stop the leftward drift of the Southern Baptist Convention.

“I am honored to accept the nomination for President of the Southern Baptist Convention…what happens in the Southern Baptist Convention affects a lot more than just the SBC,” Ascol said.

Ascol cited how SBC elites leading Southern Baptists institutions routinely dismissed by concerns of Southern Baptists. That must change, he said. SBC bureaucrats and elites answer to Southern Baptists.

“When churches express concerns about certain actions or the direction of our entities and organizations those concerns should be heard with respect and addressed with honesty and forthrightness,” Ascol said. “Failure to do that undermines trust and trust is the connective tissue of our Convention. I agreed to be nominated for the presidency because I believe that we can do better in this regard.”

One problem in Ascol’s view was how SBC Elites who controlled the Resolutions Committee in Nashville refused to allow a resolution condemning the racial identity politics of Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality. That resolution was co-sponsored by about 1,300 Southern Baptists.

“One of the most recent and egregious examples of this is the way that the 2021 resolutions committee refused to bring out a resolution on the incompatibility of Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality with the Baptist Faith and Message,” Ascol said. “That resolution had the signatures of over 1,300 faithful Southern Baptist pastors and church members yet the resolutions committee would not even allow the convention to consider it for a vote. I believe Southern Baptists can do better. In fact, I believe we must do better if we’re going to maintain the trust that is essential to our cooperation.

Ascol also endorsed Dr. Voddie Baucham to lead the SBC Pastor’s Conference.

“I’m also delighted to endorse my friend Voddie Baucham as the next president of the SBC pastors conference. His election to lead in that position is essential because he will encourage pastors and churches to rally around a courageous commitment to the exposition of the Word of God as we unite to stand firm in the days ahead,” Ascol said.

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