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SWBTS chief Adam Greenway compares conservatives to segregationists

Adam Greenway compares modern conservative Southern Baptists to segregationists. Reminder: Adam Greenway fired over a dozen minority faculty at SWBTS only to hire over a dozen white faculty in following months.

Adam Greenway illustrates James Lindsay’s Iron Law of Woke Projection.

Conservatives respond by comparing the failed SWBTS President to race baiter Dwight McKissic.

The President of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (SWBTS) attacked conservatives in a tweet linking contemporary conservative views of racial reconciliation with 1960s era segregationists.  

Greenway attacked conservatives after conservative pastors urged racial reconciliation Sunday place the focus on Jesus instead of Critical Race Theory. Greenway tweeted his partisan, Leftist attack following the Conservative Baptist Network quoting two black Southern Baptists urging reconciliation be found in Jesus and not false ideologies like CRT.

Greenway said, “For those SBC’ers who follow the denominational calendar (a strictly voluntary—not compulsory—matter), today is Racial Reconciliation Sunday. The emphasis itself is hardly a new one, but some of the present reactions to it seem to mirror those from a much earlier time period.”

Greenway included in the tweet a 1965 Baptist Press article highlighting divisions over racial reconciliation observances.

What upset emotional Leftists like Greenway was this graphic from the Conservative Baptist Network. The racial reconciliation graphic from CBN outraged Leftists like Greenway because it included quotes from two conservative black Southern Baptists: Virgil Walker and Dr. Lee Brand.

In other words, Adam Greenway is a race baiter who attacks conservatives who think the foundation of racial harmony is found in Jesus Christ and not the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) approved Critical Race Theory. (For those who do not know, the SBC approved and promoted the godless ideologies of Critical Race Theory (CRT) and Intersectionality in 2019.)

Never forget Adam Greenway fired over a dozen minorities employed at SWBTS to hire whites. Greenway’s SWBTS team cited financial reasons; however, the school’s hires belied that explanation.

In other words, Adam Greenway perfectly illustrates James Lindsay’s Iron Law of Woke Projection: the woke tend to confess by projection.

Conservative Christians pushed back on Greenway for his CRT-inspired views of race and racial reconciliation.

SBC Pastor Lewis Richerson said, “Greenway has been discipled well by the SBC’s Al Sharpton, Dwight McKissic. These guys are paid by @SBCCP dollars to divide people along racial lines. Greenway loves to pander. Remember when he peddled the false narrative of racism at @FBCNaples?”

This is an excellent point. It highlights that SBC Elites like Greenway slandered the members of the congregation of First Baptist Church of Naples, Florida. However, it turns out, the members were not racists. Of course, Greenway and SBC Elites never apologized. They moved on to their next smear of conservative Christians.

Dwight McKissic is a Southern Baptist pastor who voted for Hillary Clinton.

And therefore, it is important to point out these lies spread by fakes like Greenway. Again, Greenway pretends to care about racial reconciliation, but he fired minorities and hired a group of white people. Leftists virtue signal and attribute to others what they are in fact themselves.  

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