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Floundering David Platt regime at MBC spreads new disinformation

David Platt and McLean Bible Church embrace Soviet style tactics in attack on Salvador Cordova.

The David Platt regime at McLean Bible Church continues to lie to the people in a desperate bid to hide how bad things are going at the once dynamic Washington, DC area megachurch. The latest lies come to the congregation via an Elder update email. The email, provided to the Capstone Report, attempts to explain the church’s actions in threatening an MBC member since 1983 with Trespassing. Of course, Platt’s team resorts to lies.

According to the MBC, “In addition, multiple church members and leaders from four of our five locations have raised security concerns regarding inappropriate and disturbing behavior by one specific individual in this group. We were made aware that this individual has been targeting various MBC locations as part of this broader effort to work against the church, which ultimately led to contact at one of our locations by members of our First Response Team and a local police officer.  Based upon recommendations of the Location Pastor, the First Response Team members, and our Security Director, we notified this individual that for security reasons he was not permitted to attend MBC locations at this time.”

The individual is Salvador Cordova. He was the MBC member and whistleblower who exposed how one MBC elder said he wanted to “Torch white people.” He was escorted off the Loudoun campus at about 9:10 a.m. October 3, 2021. At about 10:13 a.m. he was sent an email letter advising him he cannot set foot on the property or he will be charged with criminal trespassing.

Who is Salvador Cordova and what is his side of this? Cordova tells his story in this YouTube video. And you can see a 2005 profile on Cordova in the prestigious Nature. He runs an apologetics channel on YouTube and has been a church member since 1983. He holds science degrees including a M.S. in Applied Physics from Johns Hopkins University.

If Cordova was viewed as such a threat to MBC, why then just a few weeks ago, was he asked by church staff to be a greeter.

Yes, a member of the Save MBC dissident group was asked to be a greeter because church volunteers were not available.

We are told by multiple people close to the MBC administration that volunteers in almost all areas of ministry have cratered. In other words, Platt has run off almost all the most faithful and dedicated MBC members and attenders.

Let’s go back for a moment to the MBC statement. It alleges Cordova was “been targeting various MBC locations as part of this broader effort to work against the church.”

What was Cordova doing that MBC claimed was “targeting?”

Cordova was counting attendance at each MBC campus to verify attendance numbers. Cordova was conducting “an independent audit of church attendance to present at congregational meetings.”

Judging by the MBC actions, attendance is even worse than we earlier reported.

Another lie contained in the email update is the continued attempt to call the conservative MBC group “divisive.” It is not divisive to fight for right doctrine and hold wicked church leaders accountable for their ignoring the MBC Constitution.

Because Platt and his team are spreading disinformation, they claim the Save MBC group is, you guessed it, spreading disinformation. According to MBC, “Many of the statements made by members and leaders of this group (including the specific individual referenced above) are either untrue or misleading.”

This is the Iron Law of Woke Projection. They accuse their enemies of doing exactly what they are doing.

Since July 4, 2021, Platt repeatedly lied to the congregation from the pulpit.

One last lie is the characterization of the Save MBC group as small. Judging by the attendance figures, this “small” group is a large segment of the church.

All of this represents the Sovietization of McLean Bible Church.

The rotting regime desperately clinging to power invokes threats and lies to suppress reform. If Big Eva will do this to Cordova, they will do it to you if you get in the way of their power or rich salaries.

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