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After Sermongate, ‘embarrassed to be Southern Baptist’

Ed Litton plagiarism scandal becomes Ed Litton's sermongate

Notice how Woke SBC Elites like Ed Litton and David Platt refuse to give up power?

Ed Litton, the admitted plagiarist who is President of the Southern Baptist Convention, refuses to resign or address the growing Sermongate scandal. Meanwhile in Virginia, David Platt is using every political trick in the book, including outright lies about his opponents, as he clings to power at a shrinking megachurch.

The Woke, once they get power, refuse to surrender it.

They have no decency. Take Ed Litton’s conduct after he was exposed as a plagiarist.

Litton issued a weak statement that did not address the sin nor admit the scope of his plagiarism. It was left to Internet sleuths doing their best online Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew impressions to expose the years that Ed Litton misled his church—pretending that the words of Tim Keller and J.D. Greear were his own.

The reaction of SBC Elites to Ed Litton’s lies and plagiarism was disappointing.

Some, including seminary presidents and professors, defended Litton.

They show that the Woke only care about power.

As one Southern Baptist pastor writes, “Ed Litton is not qualified to serve as the President of the convention and according to 1 Timothy 3:2 he isn’t qualified to serve as Pastor either. You may think this is about politics. This is not about Ed Litton, or the woke branch of the SBC. This is about integrity.”

The pastor is Mark Tusso of FBC at Weston, Florida.

And he is right about Ed Litton.

Litton should have resigned both.

And that is what an honorable man would do.

Instead, Litton clings to power. The result is predictable. It makes the SBC look bad.

Tusso explains, “I write as a Pastor who has been relatively silent on convention matters for too long. I write as a Pastor hearing from several other faithful Pastors (both Calvinist and non-Calvinist) who share my concerns. I write as a Pastor embarrassed to be a Southern Baptist. I write as a Pastor who now feels like Jeremiah; discounted as a fundamentalist troublemaker by those who regard themselves as our betters.”


That is a normal response to having a liar and thief leading our churches.

And there is even more to be embarrassed about.

What should concern everyone are the seminary presidents and SBC pastors who want Ed Litton to retain power.

It shows they have a serious problem.

A serious heart problem.

David Platt lies and plays politics at McLean Bible Church

Speaking of heart problems, Ed Litton’s lies look mild in comparison to the sheer number of the lies David Platt is telling as he tries to maintain his power at McLean Bible Church.

David Platt lies in sermons.

David Platt has staff lie in emails to the congregation.

What is driving Platt’s repeated lies?

He feels entitled to power and shows he will do anything to hold onto it.

Platt divided the church. As he shifts blame to conservatives trying to save McLean Bible Church, never forget Platt drove away about half the church.

Platt’s did this through rhetoric promoting racial identity political movements like Black Lives Matter and obvious promotion of Critical Race Theory and grievance politics (see Dr. Voddie Baucham’s book Fault Lines for more details on Platt’s sermon at T4G.)

Platt and his fellow elders in charge of MBC are running a full-scale political operation. They’ve had church staff contacting anyone and everyone to come to church and vote and at the same time are actively purging conservatives from the church membership rolls.

As we reported, Platt and his team of elders removed several conservatives from church membership just prior to the June 30 vote. At least two of the people MBC purged were teaching Bible Study at MBC.

This combined with the elimination of the secret ballot (for the first time in MBC history) resulted in a legal filing with Virginia courts to force Platt to obey the church constitution.

And, of course, David Platt lied about the legal filing.

When you combine the lies and the serious doctrinal error of the Social Justice Heresy, one starts to wonder if David Platt is qualified to be a pastor.

At this point, if David Platt loved the church, he would resign and allow the people of MBC to heal. Of course, Platt is not about to give up his six-figure salary and $800,000 home paid for by the church.

How high is that six-figure salary? Very, from what we are told by former MBC staff; however, that number was hidden even from most of the elders. This should give all Christians a pause. Why are salaries hidden?

Also, did MBC pay for all the giveaway copies of Platt’s book on Christian voting released just prior to the 2020 Presidential Election? There were many copies procured for distribution. Who paid for it? Did Platt receive royalties from the book? These are questions that should be answered.

Also, how much is given every year by MBC to Platt’s personal ministry, Radical?

Why is it so hard to get financial information about Evangelical Elites?

Southern Baptists cannot get financial information about the salaries of its top executives. They will stonewall any request.

It is now that way in many of the largest churches as McLean Bible Church illustrates.

Unfortunately, it proves what we’ve been saying for the last few months: Evangelical Elites love lucre more than they fear God.

And this should mortify us.

For years, SBC Elites and their fellow travelers in Big Evangelicalism insulted the people in the pews. They railed against the average Christian churchgoer. Now, we find out, the sin in our camp was at the highest levels.

Our pastors and denominational leaders are too often plagiarists and liars.

Only the grassroots are worried about the corruption filling our pulpits and denominational leadership.

Today, the grassroots feel embarrassed.

Tomorrow, they will be filled with righteous wroth.

What will be the consequences for Big Eva?

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