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BREAKING: Kevin Ezell, NAMB lose at Supreme Court

Will McRaney says today is ‘Huge win for justice and the Southern Baptist Convention.’

The United States Supreme Court denied certiorari in the case of the North American Mission Board (NAMB) v Will McRaney. NAMB lost at the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, requested an en banc rehearing, which was denied and then appealed to the US Supreme Court. NAMB and Kevin Ezell lost that request too. The case now returns to the district court, where in time what chills Ezell and SBC Elites will begin—discovery.

The Supreme Court announced the decision to deny review to NAMB this morning.

This is a huge win for justice and the Southern Baptist Convention, according to Will McRaney.

“Today is a win for all Southern Baptists that believe that their local church and Baptist body is Baptist headquarters, not NAMB,” Will McRaney said. “Thank you, SCOTUS, for recognizing and upholding the clear separation and autonomy of churches and Baptist bodies when #NAMB trustees refused too. Baptist Polity and Autonomy is preserved.”

NAMB along with the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) lied multiple times to federal courts in attempt to avoid justice.

“We look forward the discovery process and building a public record with the evidence that will then be heard by a jury,” Will McRaney said in a statement. “From day one my intent has been to get the truth out there and to expose the harm and damages done to the Southern Baptist Convention, me and to other Baptist bodies and leaders. Now we will see what the evidence and sworn testimony reveal.”

For conservatives interested in reforming the Southern Baptist Convention, the McRaney case offers a good opportunity—just like Gawker faced its judicial reckoning over bad journalism, so to this case offers the chance for justice to those harmed by tyrannical SBC leadership.

The allegations against Ezell should alarm anyone and provide a snapshot into the byzantine internal politics and strongarm tactics used against conservatives by SBC Elites.

NAMB will no doubt try additional tricks; however, today means Kevin Ezell and NAMB are one step closer to facing justice.

That is good news for Southern Baptists.

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