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Southern Baptist’s good name used to lie to Supreme Court

Will McRaney accuses the Southern Baptist Convention and NAMB of defamation.

The case of Will McRaney v. the North American Mission Board was discussed by the Supreme Court justices in a conference Thursday. A decision is expected Monday from the justices. The Court will announce if it will hear the appeal or send it back to district court for discovery.

McRaney, who won a 3-0 decision at the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, hopes it will be sent back to district court. That will give him a shot at holding Kevin Ezell and NAMB accountable for what he claims were their harmful actions.

However, given the lies of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) in an amicus brief and the North American Mission Board (NAMB) in its response brief to the Supreme Court, it is possible the court will hear the case.

As McRaney often points out, Kevin Ezell, president of the North American Mission Board, has never met with him for reconciliation.

And McRaney is frustrated that Southern Baptist resources including employee time and even perhaps Cooperative Program dollars are going to fund NAMB’s refusal to seek justice and reconciliation in the case.

In contrast to CP dollars funding the NAMB machine—and CP dollars are what pay insurance companies—McRaney is self-funding his pursuit of justice. Justice that was forced into federal court after Kevin Ezell not only tampered with McRaney’s employment with a state convention but had agents acting on his behalf attempt to prevent McRaney from finding other work.

One must wonder why none of the State Conventions are covering McRaney’s legal fees or at least filing an amicus brief to correct the NAMB lie that state conventions are entities of the Southern Baptist Convention. After all, McRaney is fighting their battle for independence from NAMB’s power grab.

There was pushback when it was revealed that Russell Moore said the Southern Baptist Convention was a hierarchy in the ERLC amicus brief.

Yet, there was an odd silence when the NAMB lawyers claimed state conventions were entities—something in violation of the SBC Constitution and By-laws.

In any case, McRaney’s fight for justice is carried out on his resources. So, if you would like to help the David vs. Goliath struggle, you can give at GoFundMe or the Bullock Institute.

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