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Democrats play the Kavanaugh game with Mike Stone & Southern Baptists

The attack on Mike Stone is similar to the attack on Justice Brett Kavanaugh

Southern Baptists should notice that Russell Moore is using the Democratic Party’s playbook against Mike Stone and the Southern Baptist Convention. His Liberal friends at RNS and Washington Post are smearing conservative Southern Baptists.

Conservative Southern Baptists should take Leftist demands for an investigation and exploit it—demanding forensic audits and investigations of all SBC entities & entity leaders.

Russell Moore is a lifelong Democrat. He was an aide to a Democratic congressman, served as President of Young Democrats and bragged about being a Democrat while a professor at Al Mohler’s Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (SBTS). Is it shocking that Russell Moore—the lifelong Democrat—uses the discredited practices of Democratic Party politics?

Specifically, Russell Moore is trying to label a child sex abuse victim as an enabler of sex abuse. It is the slimiest thing since Democrats lied about Justice Brett Kavanaugh. It shows just how concerned Leftists are about Mike Stone, the Conservative Baptist Network and, yes, even outside reform candidate Randy Adams.

And it is always the same—Democrats exploit sex and abuse allegations.

And these allegations always surface at the last minute—just before an election or confirmation hearing.

Remember, Justice Kavanaugh was labeled a rapist by Democrats and their mainstream press allies.

As Sean Davis said on Twitter about Democrats & their investigation gambits, anyone who believes their lies is an idiot.

The proper response to these spurious and politically motivated allegations is to dismiss them.

Or, better yet, exploit them for conservative purposes. Use the radical Leftist calls for an independent investigation of the SBC Executive Committee to call for an independent audit and investigation of the entire SBC. That is every entity. That is every SBC entity leader.

Something tells me Kevin Ezell, Al Mohler and Adam Greenway would not like such an accounting.

Something also tells me their Woke allies would not like it either.

Which makes it the perfect gambit. Either, the Leftists welcome such an investigation, or expose their hypocrisy.

Pay attention to those promoting the calumnies against Mike Stone & Conservative Baptist Network

Anyone promoting Russell Moore’s lies should be marked as a Progressive and enemy of the church. They are promoting slander and libel—and they know it.

Mike Stone’s video released over the weekend rightly called out Russell Moore for slander.

Also, SBC Executive Committee CEO Ronnie Floyd released a statement that directly challenged Russell Moore—in fact, the statement made it clear that Ronnie Floyd thinks Russell Moore is a liar.

The attack by rabid Leftists on the Conservative Baptist Network shows just how vital and necessary this group is to Southern Baptists.

In fact, if a conservative does not win in Nashville—then these churches should go nuclear, withhold all funds from the Cooperative Program and make sure to punish the SBC Elites for their perfidy in helping Russell Moore slander committed Christians like those in the Conservative Baptist Network.

SBC Elites must learn there are consequences for enabling Russell Moore.

Remember, all the SBC Elites today were specifically empowered and platformed by Al Mohler. This handy chart shows it. And now Al Mohler expects to be SBC President. If he does not repudiate Russell Moore—why should anyone trust him?

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