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The dilemma of power: Rebuilding our strength to fight the Woke

The first step: If you care about your church and your country, you must get involved.

“Twitter is now unabashedly and unapologetically a corporate censor,” said Jonathan Turley, a law professor at George Washington University.

This is true. Leftists in the US will embrace the corporate censorship. Once this frightened them. That was way back during the Cold War. It is now a fundamental of Leftist belief that any speech contrary to the progressive political agenda is racist. Thus, it is a moral imperative it be silenced. How should free speech lovers respond?

History shows (thanks to Machiavelli and others like James Burnham) “that only power can balance power.

In theory, the market could provide this power balance. However, in practice we see not the balancing work of competition but rather a monopolistic cooperative of Big Tech firms. These firms are working together to silence conservative speech. See how Apple, Amazon and others treated Parler.

That shows the “Build your own…” advice is a total joke. They won’t let you build your own. They will use their power and the power of their Woke friends against you.

So, what else might provide the counterbalance?

Conservatives could abandon social media? This might be an option. However, there will be drawbacks. For an historical example, I’d point to how conservative Christians abandoned higher education & secularized institutions. What was result?

When Christians (evangelical & even fundamentalists) left higher education for their own institutions, it had serious consequences. It became even more secular. As William Lane Craig (@RFupdates ) has said, the university shapes the culture that is to come. With no Christian voices, that turned out to be very bad. It hastened the secularization of US Elites.

Even so, abandoning some social media platforms does not separate us from the control of Google or Amazon or Apple. This is a widespread problem throughout Big Tech. It is not localized to social media.

If consumers cannot restrain the Woke power by their actions and they are prohibited by Big Tech monopolistic practices from finding competitors, then the market forces are impaired and are no longer functioning. In other words, we no longer have a free market.

What other options do we have?

The state would seem one power capable of reigning in this destructive consolidation of power. But, the regulatory state controlled by enemies of conservatives (those indoctrinated at elite schools by Leftist ideology) will regulate to benefit their Woke allies.

This is the latest innovation of Leftists. Since they control all major institutions in the US—government, defense, academia, and major corporations—they are happy to work together and in their own interest.

If the free market no longer works because of monopolistic coercion and the state controlled by elites no longer restrains this behavior, what hope do conservatives have?

If power is the only answer to other power, what can we do?

Or, what would build our strength to withstand and win the Culture War against the Woke totalitarians? Machiavelli (and his disciples) provide some answers. Your own soldiers are better than mercenaries. (This is important in not only actual war but Culture War. The side with the most committed foot soldiers have a distinct advantage. Unfortunately, since the 1940s, Leftists were the most committed.)

Conservatives have farmed out much of the grunt work of the Culture War to DC think tanks. The one area where this is not true is on the issue of abortion.

And this is the one area where Conservatives have moved the needle. People are far more pro-life than they were a generation ago and less pro-choice. As Gallup surveys show, in 1996 56% of the US were pro-choice and 33% pro-life and in 2020, 48% were pro-choice and 46% were pro-life. The best showing was in 2012 where 50% of people identified as pro-life and only 41% pro-choice.

What other Culture War issue shows this type of improvement?

To build our strength to resist the Woke Elite, it requires everyone get involved. That means more than reading conservative news. You must become a dedicated foot soldier.

You must resist the Woke in your Church. (And if you are Southern Baptist this means rejecting Ed Litton and even Al Mohler and supporting actual conservatives like Mike Stone and Randy Adams for SBC President.)

You must resist the Woke in your business.

You must resist the Woke in politics. Just because someone is a Republican does not mean they are safe. They might be. However, you must do the research. Some Republican candidates attend Woke churches. This should be a huge warning sign.

The future of your Church and your Country hangs in the balance. It will depend on what you do. Adopt the Way of the Conservative Warrior. Recognize the threat and get involved.

This is the first step.

1 thought on “The dilemma of power: Rebuilding our strength to fight the Woke”

  1. Years ago David Horowitz noted that the way to reign in the leftist brainwashing of the populace in the state colleges and universities is to press state legislatures and governors to tie funding to the empowerment of professors who support the values of taxpayers. Richard Delgado, one of the founders of Critical Race Theory is a tenured professor at the University of Alabama. He’s the tip of the iceberg. The University of Alabama is hostile to conservatives and to Christianity. What an outrage. I wrote to all my representatives at the state and national level. One state rep (for Bessemer and Hoover Alabama) replied in support. Senator Shelby, former Democrat with zero to show for his decades in the Senate, said I should contact U of A. Yeah right. Governor Ivey did not respond at all. If we are paying professors in Red State Alabama to turn our children against us in our universities, that does not bode well for the prospects of defeating the cultural revolution on the march in this country.

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