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Amid pandemic Russell Moore demands more refugees

Russell Moore leaving the ERLC

If the pandemic requires Russell Moore to wear two masks, why does he want to allow more potential carriers into the US?

While Russell Moore cowers behind multiple masks, the Southern Baptist Convention’s chief lobbyist demands that President Joe Biden increase the refugee ceiling. Dr. Moore made the demand with other Evangelical Elites involved in the Evangelical Immigration Table.

Rhetoric is no refuge for the persecuted — we need action. The refugee resettlement ceiling should be raised immediately so our nation can welcome those we already vetted,” Russell Moore said in the George Soros-backed Evangelical Immigration Table press release. “The refugee program is distinct from other paths of immigration and unrelated crises should not distract us from doing what’s right for refugees. We know the program is a secure and thorough process by which America can serve as a beacon of freedom and safe harbor for the oppressed, including persecuted Christians and other imperiled religious minorities. President Biden must make good on his word and any further delay is unacceptable.”

Just a reminder, don’t believe the Evangelical Elite liars who claim Soros didn’t fund the startup of the Evangelical Immigration Table through the National Immigration Forum.

But, why is Russell Moore demanding more refugees be allowed into the United States during the middle of a Pandemic? Remember, Dr. Moore insists this pandemic is so serious that Christians have an obligation to get vaccinated and wear masks to minimize the spread.

However, why does this commitment to stopping the spread stop at the importation of more potential carriers of the COVID-19 virus? Even if the new refugees receive clear health checks, refugees are at higher risk of the disease to socio-economic conditions, according to the CDC.

This pandemic is so serious, Russell Moore wears not one mask but two masks.


Yes, two.

And he wore the two masks in his car.

Talk about virtue signaling to the Secular Elites.

Dr. Moore is fully committed to the replacement of American voters with malleable Third World immigrants—something recently exposed as a key Democratic Party strategy by Tucker Carlson.

It is not shocking that a lifelong Democrat like Russell Moore wants to help Democrats win elections. What is shocking is that he is willing to do it by exposing Americans to potential new carriers of COVID-19 even while he cowers behind two masks.


3 thoughts on “Amid pandemic Russell Moore demands more refugees”

  1. Seen this a lot in the SBC, over the years. People who are democrats first, and Christians somewhere way down the list. (there are some Republicans like that also – though not as many, because most republicans in the southern baptist church are former democrats who switched parties because of abortion, homosexual agenda, and the democrats’ godless platform in general, most being Reagan democrats, and are therefore less beholden to any specific political party) Problem is these days it’s increasingly impossible to straddle that fence. It takes quite a bit of contortion to adhere to two different ideologies and world views that are increasingly opposed. Like many, Dr. Moore needs to decide whom he will serve.

    That said, where it applies to legitimate refugees who enter legally and through proper channels, and honestly do need to escape dangerous circumstances, I don’t necessarily disagree. If Biden wants to bring in Christian refugees from countries where Christians are being slaughtered, I’m all for it. He wont, because they’re the sort who would vote republican once they earned their citizenship, but I’d be all for it if he did.

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