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Daniel Akin promotes Standpoint Epistemology in ERLC video

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Critical Theory Expert: ‘Danny Akin and the ERLC are still pushing standpoint epistemology into the churches they serve.’

Akin claims ‘White Evangelicals’ must surrender power and surrendering power is ‘not indigenous to our nature.’

James Lindsay, co-author of Cynical Theories and who has appeared on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show, pointed out a video by the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) featuring Daniel Akin, president of the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS) that embraces Standpoint Epistemlogy.

Danny Akin and the ERLC are still pushing standpoint epistemology into the churches they serve. Why? This is a divisive approach hat is utilized by Critical Race Theory to establish power. I bet they’ll delete this video now too. Sneaky!”

First, Standpoint Epistemolgy is defined: “In summary, standpoint epistemology (and related identity-based epistemologies) are a complicated and widely discredited way to create and justify a kind of Gnosticism around critical conceptions of identity and the relevant power dynamics in society. In practice, this typically means it is yet another justification within Theory for only people who agree with Theory to be considered knowledgeable authorities, which is then used to silence opposition.”

In the video, Akin affirms different ethnicities have different views of reality.

“I’ve come to understand more and more that my perspective is not the perspective of my African-American brothers and sisters, or my Hispanic brothers and sisters, my Asian brothers and sisters,” Akin said. “They really do see life differently, they’re operating out of a different paradigm, a different context that’s very different than mine.”

Second, Lindsay points out in the tweet how SBC Elites often disappear damaging videos. Albert Mohler, a candidate for SBC President, admitted to making videos and articles by SBTS Provost Matt Hall disappear.

Mohler told the Federalist, “When asked why one of Hall’s articles on the Southern Seminary website affirming critical race theory was scrubbed, Mohler replied forthrightly, ‘Because I asked for it to be scrubbed. It was because I did not think it was helpful.’”

Last and most important, Lindsay correctly identifies how this sit down and shut up Gnosticism is exploited to gain and keep certain people in power. Akin demands “white evangelicals” must “surrender power, which is not indigenous to our nature.”

This is a divisive tactic that privileges some over others.

Also, notice how Akin urges Southern Baptists to surrender leadership positions all the while continuing as president of SEBTS.

“As I often say, not only do we need to invite ethnic minorities into our room, and to have a seat at the table, we even need to be willing to surrender leadership at the table if we’re really going to make progress and really help our brothers and sisters understand we see them on an equal plane with ourselves,” Akin said in the 2018 video Lindsay and others found and exposed.

So, the question is why hasn’t Akin surrendered his seat of power? Why is Russell Moore still leading the ERLC? Shouldn’t he surrender his leadership seat to empower others?

Or, is this all virtue signaling to the progressive zeitgeist?

And how long will conservative Southern Baptists fund this nonsense?

3 thoughts on “Daniel Akin promotes Standpoint Epistemology in ERLC video”

  1. I’ll say it again-all these little steams of critical theory, like standpoint epistemology, are all meant to flow to the river of Liberation Theology. Satan and those who are working for him, like the SBC leaders, are planning to use the large percentage of black Baptist churches to convert as much of the denomination as they can to Black Liberation Theology in order to collapse it. I guess the demonic forces think that is one of the current paths of least resistance from our blind leadership who are desperate to prove they’re woke, good people by humanist standards.

  2. If Achy Akin were serious, he would turn his position over to Louis Farrakhan. Little russ should hand his job to AOC.

  3. I’m sure the brother means well but this is an example of trying to do something good the wrong way. Not since Archie Bunker have we had a white male who thought he could list the stereotypical characteristics of the “indigenous nature” of “white people” and “black people.”

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