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Evangelical Elites paid by SBC work to suppress Republican voter turnout

Notice how Evangelical Elites are platformed on CNN, MSNBC, WAPO and the NY Times? There is a reason for that. They are trying to destroy you.

The entire purpose of Evangelical Elites like Russell Moore is to suppress Republican voter turnout. And many of these elites have jobs paid by your tithes and offerings. How does that make you feel? It should upset you. These Elites earn large salaries to insult you and work against conservative principles—in other words they help elect Democrats with their anti-GOP rhetoric. That means they are helping the party of abortion and party that persecutes Christians (see: California and John MacArthur, etc.).

Here is a classic example from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Karen Swallow Prior said, “Watching the new footage from the #CapitolInsurrection, my heart is sick. I’m incapable of understanding how any member of @GOP can place party above democracy, order, and human life. Having voted Republican most of my life, I’m also incapable of imagining ever doing so again.”

Stephen Wolfe, host of Ars Politica podcast, noted the irony in these types of Evangelical Elite comments. He tweeted, “In your defense of democracy, be sure not to make it an idol. As we’re always told, we’re resident aliens in this world; we’re pilgrims passing through. This world, including the US, will burn up. Don’t act out of fear. Etc etc.”

Wolfe pointed out the hypocrisy of Evangelical Elite rhetoric. They warn conservatives that we “make an idol” out of voting pro-life or “loving America,” and then they do very much the same thing with the latest progressive talking points.

This has been the entire goal of Russell Moore’s tenure as head of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) of the Southern Baptist Convention. He’s shifted the meaning of pro-life by insisting that pro-life is not only fighting to save the lives of babies but adopting a host of progressive womb-to-the-tomb welfare state policies.

In fact, articles like this one published on the ERLC website state it clearly: “Christians of all races must be concerned with life ‘from the womb to the tomb’ (and beyond!).”

This is why Evangelical Elites are a huge problem for the church and the nation. Evangelical Elites suppressing conservative voter turnout for the Republican Party are helping elect Democrats. Sorry, but that is true. If a Republican does not win a seat—a Democrat does. That’s the math. That’s the science of our first-past-the-post electoral system.

If Democrats gain political power, then they expand abortion rights, attack the rule of law and undermine religious liberty.

As such, these Evangelical Elites helping Democrats are leading conservative Christians to the persecution and our nation to destruction.

Hold them accountable. Insist your church stop funding the ERLC and any seminary who hires people like Karen Swallow Prior. Speak the only language they understand—the financial one. Hurt their bottom line.

Also, make sure you take as many messengers as possible to Nashville to vote for a conservative candidate like Randy Adams or Mike Stone. They are the only people working to save the Southern Baptist Convention from corruption and political suicide.

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