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Evangelical Elites love China, pushed policies that aided Communist regime

Russell Moore seeks confrontation with China

Evangelical Elites love China and hate President Donald Trump. Why is that?

Everyone is familiar with the Never Trump Southern Baptist elites who did their best to suppress conservative Christian voter turnout for Trump in the 2016 Election.

But, do you remember when Evangelical Elites connected with the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) were promoting China’s interests in the Trump Administration’s trade confrontation with China?

They were.

There was Russell Moore, president of the SBC’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC), and new Lifeway CEO Ben Mandrell lobbying against Trump’s tariffs.

They used more expensive printing costs for Bibles as the excuse to fight Trump.

In other words, squeezing a bit more dollars in margins for Lifeway and keeping printing work in China was more important than helping their American neighbors.

Even ERLC mouthpiece Joe Carter was promoting Free Trade. Carter is a communication’s worker for the ERLC. In a blog at the Acton Institute Carter wrote under a scare headline: “Trump’s tariffs could lead to a Bible shortage.”

Later, as Trump relaxed the tariffs, Carter insisted Trump needed to learn economic lessons.

However, it seems Carter and his ilk need to learn important geopolitical lessons.

Namely, Lifeway’s bottom line Bible printing costs are not as important as the health of the American economy nor our national security.

China is an atheist totalitarian state.

It is at war with the West. It is at war with Christianity.

Donald Trump understands that, but our Evangelical Elites and Southern Baptist leaders don’t.

Instead our Evangelical Elites are panda huggers.

They put China’s interests above America’s interests.

They put Bible profits above American jobs. How is that for loving their neighbors?

Evangelical Elites prefer to love the foreigner over the heartland American. Evangelical Elites promote George Soros backed immigration reform. Many Evangelical Elite organizations rake in millions of federal dollars in the refugee resettlement game.

Evangelical Elites are committed globalists. Many leaders hate nationalism. They put China’s economic interests first in the trade dispute.

And this is how too many American leaders behave. Former Deputy National Security Advisor K.T. McFarland in her book Revolution warned about this very fact.

The problem isn’t that Trump wants to put American interests first or that China puts its own interests first. It’s that for decades American leaders have put China’s interests first,” McFarland said.

This echoes former self-described Panda Hugger and now China Hawk Michael Pillsbury’s warnings about China. Pillsbury in the Hundred-Year Marathon wrote China pursues a mercantilist trade policy and that Americans ignore it.

And our Evangelical Elites are among those who ignore the dangers China’s economic dominance poses to America’s security interests.

Pillsbury quotes a report explaining the connection: “The Right is almost hypersensitive to any perceived relative decline in America’s global lead in military might, but is strangely oblivious to the deleterious impact that America’s declining economic position will have on its security in general and defense capacity in particular.”

America makes the world safer. A stronger America is a safer world.

The Pandemic has changed how the foreign policy establishment sees China. China’s reckless handling of the COVID-19 outbreak and its Machiavellian foreign policy in the aftermath shocked. The totalitarian regime even blamed the US for the outbreak in Wuhan.

In fact, writing in the Council on Foreign Relations’ journal Foreign Affairs Minxin Pei writes, “U.S.-Chinese economic decoupling is almost certain to continue in the coming years regardless of who is in the White House, because reducing the United States’ economic dependence on China and constraining the growth of China’s power are now bipartisan aims.”

That’s good news for making America safer. However, it points out the foolish leadership in our evangelical community.

Evangelical Elites connected to the ERLC, spouted nonsense about free trade with mercantilist China.

Evangelical Elites promoted Lifeway’s bottom line Bible printing prices over global security.

That doesn’t sound like how a Christian should love his neighbor.

Conservative Christians should ask what drives Evangelical Elites to prefer Bible profits over America’s safety and security.

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