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Southern Baptist VP driving ‘Trojan Horse’ of Critical Race Theory

Reaction: SBC 1st VP Marshal Ausberry tweet is sign of irreconcilable differences among Southern Baptists.

As we reported this weekend, SBC First Vice President Marshal Ausberry said that a rejection of Resolution 9, which promoted the use of Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality as “Analytical Tools,” means a rejection of the African American lived experience and the “personhood” of African Americans. The remark drew a mix of response with some SBC Elites liking the pro-CRT tweet and a range of negative responses from inside and outside the church.

Outside the church saw a strong condemnation of the remark as dangerous to the health of the SBC.

Dr. James Lindsay, a leading critic of identity politics and an atheist, reacted to Ausberry’s tweet: “I see a Trojan Horse operator!”

Lindsay famously called identity politics a “Trojan Horse” in tweets and in a podcast with Sovereign Nations.

As a reminder the Trojan Horse description refers to the ruse of the Greeks to infiltrate the walls of Troy:

“The Argives had embarked on their benched ships and were sailing away,
after throwing fire on their huts, while those others
led by glorious Odysseus were now sitting
in the place of assembly of the Trojans, hidden in the horse;
for the Trojans had themselves dragged it to the citadel

—Homer, The Odyssey 8.500-505

Lindsay is right—Critical Race Theory is designed to divide and destroy. Anyone promoting CRT/I in the Southern Baptist Convention is wittingly or unwittingly working to divide and destroy the unity of the church.

Ausberry tweet sign of irreconcilable differences in the Southern Baptist Convention

Inside the church, leaders suggested that Ausberry’s take was “disappointing” and hinted that it shows perhaps irreconcilable differences among Southern Baptists on this issue.

Dr. Tom Ascol said, “I’m disappointed in this take. If this thinking holds then our differences are indeed irreconcilable. That saddens me. But if it’s true, it must be faced. I reject Res 9 & do not reject ‘the AA life experience and AA personhood.’”

Another SBC pastor rejected the Ausberry tweet as an attempt at manipulation or bullying.

Jeff Wright said, “I won’t be manipulated or bullied by this rhetoric. (1) I, categorically, w/o reservation or exception, reject – entirely – Res. 9. (2) I categorically, w/o reservation or exception, do not reject AA personhood. I affirm my AA brothers bear the full dignity of the Imago Dei.”

It is hard not to notice the bullying nature of the tweet. Ausberry insists you accept the usefulness of CRT and Intersectionality or calls you a racist if you refuse to do so. This is not how Christians should discuss an issue.

Also, notice the names of SBC Elites who liked Ausberry’s authoritarian tweet. Those who liked the tweet show they have also embraced the totalitarian impulse to label all who disagree as racist and unenlightened. How can anyone trust the good faith of the SBC Elite?

Why has Critical Race Theory gained so much popularity in the Southern Baptist Convention? Blame must be placed on our seminaries for platforming and promoting the men tugging that Trojan Horse into our churches.

It is time for change. You should make plans to be in Nashville for the SBC 2021 Annual Meeting.

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