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Pastor who voted for Hillary Clinton demands discipline for conservative pastors

Why does the Southern Baptist Convention allow progressives to be members?

If you want to know how corrupt the Southern Baptist Convention is today—take one look at how a pastor who voted for Hillary Clinton (and bragged about it) is still in the SBC. He and his church should have been expelled immediately when that was known. But, nope. The SBC Elites cater to the Woke progressives. He is still in the SBC and causing all kinds of trouble.

In a tweet, the Hillary Clinton voter Dwight McKissic demanded conservative pastors be disciplined for calling Vice President Kamala Harris a mean name—Jezebel.

McKissic ranted, “Pastors Steve Swofford & Tom Buck, have referred to Vice President Kamala Harris as Jezebel. Swofford called her “Jezebel Harris.” Calling on President J D Greear, & Jim Richards/SBTC, to repudiate these men un-Christlike statements & to initiate discipline against them, NOW.”

NOW! That was the demand from the baby killing politician enabler.

Why did McKissic vote for a baby killing politician like Hillary Clinton?

Why does he now defend another pro-baby killing politician like Kamala Harris?

The answer is clear—he does not care about dead babies. His only priority is helping Democrats.

This is wicked.

If the Southern Baptist Convention wants to survive, it must expel all who vote for baby killing politicians. There is no place in the church or the SBC for those who vote for pro-abortion politicians. It is immoral. Christians recognized the evil of abortion from the very beginning—and it is recorded in the Didache.

It is beyond dispute. A Christian cannot help murder babies—and voting for pro-abortion politicians makes one culpable—an accessory to the sin.

McKissic and his buddies in the mainstream press are going to attack any conservative brave enough to raise their voice against the evils of abortion and the sinful policies promoted by the Biden-Harris Administration.

As an American, McKissic is free to vote for any politician and pursue any political goals.

As a Southern Baptist, McKissic should conform to the Bible. His failure to do so and the Southern Baptist Convention’s failure to expel him for his rebellion against the Bible exposes the rot in the denomination.

The SBC should initiate discipline NOW! And it should do it against Dwight McKissic and any other pastor who publicly admits to voting for Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden.

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