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Russell Moore: Leftist Hypocrite

Russell Moore is a Leftist hypocrite. Wait, that’s redundant. Leftists are always hypocrites who demand you do what they say and not what they do. The lockdown czars ignore their lockdown orders. The biggest advocates for racial justice often ignore minorities. And one look at the ERLC website shows this to be true—out of 26 employees on the ERLC Staff Page, there is not one black.

Think about that. The man who hosted the MLK50 Conference and lectures everyone about racism does not have one black person working for him at the ERLC, according to the ERLC’s own staff page.

Russell Moore’s liberal bubble lacks diversity.

This is yet another reason to be outraged about the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention.

And just in case you forgot, here’s a recap of the reasons to be outraged about the ERLC:

Russell Moore has 26 people working on staff at the ERLC. 26! How many missionaries could be financed instead of Moore’s bashing of conservatives?

There are NO BLACKS among the 26 people on the ERLC staff.

Your offerings and tithes fund Russell Moore’s liberal activism—activism demanding racial justice. Yet, well, just in case I haven’t mentioned it, the guy demanding racial justice has no blacks listed on staff of the ERLC’s staff page.

As the Federalist said about lockdowns and liberals, Rules for Thee and not for Me!

The Hypocrisy of the SBC’s Race Grifters

Have you heard any outrage about the lack of diversity on Russell Moore’s staff?

No. Of course not.

Leftists are excused from the rules they demand for the rest of us. Take the case of Dwight McKissic—the Hillary Clinton voting Southern Baptist pastor.

Dwight McKissic loves Russell Moore. He racialized the Russell Moore controversy in 2016-2017 when conservatives wanted Russell Moore fired for poor leadership and poor politics. McKissic said blacks would be upset if Dr. Moore were fired.  

McKissic threatened to leave the SBC over the possibility it might reject Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality.

McKissic’s praise for people in the SBC seems limited to the Woke like Russell Moore. Interestingly, McKissic praised the new leadership of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. This new leadership fired 13 minorities including four of the five Latinos, the highest ranking African American faculty member and then proceeded to hire many new white faculty members from Louisville.  

How’s that for racial justice and diversity?

This is an important point: McKissic was silent as SWBTS fired the highest ranking African-American faculty member at any of its seminaries.  

McKissic is silent as Russell Moore has 26 people on staff of the ERLC and no blacks listed among that number.

You have to ask yourself, why the selective rage about the SBC?

Because it is all political.

The virtue signaling class of the SBC are all about telling you what to do. Tom Buck pointed out the absurdity of the diversity push by the leftists at SBC Voices.

As always, do what they say! Ignore what they do!

The race grifters like Dwight McKissic and Russell Moore are pushing the Democratic political agenda—an agenda that is working to destroy conservative Christian organizations. Racial justice and diversity are weapons and not goals for these men.

Keep that in mind as you send in tithes and offerings. You are funding Russell Moore’s work.

Now more than ever, you must repudiate the status quo of Big Evangelicalism. You must vote against Al Mohler–the man who launched Russell Moore’s career in the SBC and continues to enable it.

3 thoughts on “Russell Moore: Leftist Hypocrite”

  1. You made me read a lot of stuff that sort of accused (some would say slandered) a lot of people in order to call Moore a hypocrite. OK.

    I’m trying to understand the point of the piece. Is it to convince the reader of Moore’s hypocrisy? If so, and assuming you succeeded in your goal, what I am supposed to do with that? Are you intending to spur me to fix my eyes Jesus and run with endurance to him, not looking at hypocritical men? Is it to encourage faith in, and fidelity to the Gospel (which is not mentioned in the piece)? The article doesn’t really move anything forward. I’m not even sure what forward or backward, or improved or worsened is, other than Big Evangelicalism’s status quo must be repudiated. And I am also to be outraged. This doesn’t feel very New Testamenty. I am a bit more well versed in the New Testament as opposed to the Capstone Report. Is there anything in the New Testament you have to commend? Or that you value? Is there Gospel truth to be commended, or a Savior to be cherished — or obeyed? Or am I to simply vote against Al Mohler?

    1. Seems the New Testament has a good deal to say about religious hypocrites heaping burdens on people while they preen. Guess you should spend more time reading that NT instead of commenting on blogs.

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