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Christians cannot trust David French, says Baptist theology professor

Conservative Baptist Professor explains why Christians must not trust David French; demands French repent for misleading Christians.

Leading conservative theology professor Robert A. J. Gagnon said that David French should not be trusted by Christians until French repents for misleading Christian voters. Dr. Gagnon, a professor of theology at Houston Baptist University, highlighted French’s misleading writings about the threat of the Biden-Harris Administration and French’s deranged attacks on Sen. Ted Cruz, a fellow Southern Baptist, and Sen. Josh Hawley.

“Whatever remaining respect I have had for French is now gone,” Dr. Gagnon said. “Nothing short of repentance on his part will ever make it return. I’m not holding my breath.”

In a lengthy post, Dr. Gagnon said, “David French has really lost it. This vitriolic Never-Trumper who has been calling for Trump’s political death for the past four years predictably calls for Trump’s impeachment in the last week of his Presidency; and, worse, wants Cruz and Hawley expelled from the Senate if they won’t recant”

Dr. Gagnon defended Sen. Cruz and Sen. Hawley. He said, “All Cruz and Hawley were trying to do is to get a commission to carefully study the issue and have a vote audit done in the contested states (simply signature verification) where there is likely to be corruption in the face of nonexistent safeguards against election fraud and incredibly high turnout and lopsided voting for Biden. Signature match is not denying anyone their vote but rather preventing the fraudulent invalidation of legitimate votes.”

Dr. Gagnon warned about the threat to American liberty posed by a Biden-Harris Administration—something insanely denied by Never Trump David French. In fact, Dr. Gagnon warns that French is clouded by his continued Trump Derangement Syndrome.

However, Dr. Gagnon is clear: Biden-Harris is a threat.

He said, “French also has an essay denying that Christians have much to fear from a Biden/Harris administration in terms of loss of civil liberties and persecution. It is necessary for him to convince people of this in order to exempt him from blame in helping to make possible the Biden/Harris victory. This is absurd since a number of these actions have already taken place on local and state levels; and the so-called ‘Equality Act’ mandates this for the nation as a whole. You will literally become the moral equivalent of a member of the Ku Klux Klan because of your refusal to embrace the ‘LGBTQ’ mantra.”

And this will form the cornerstone of the threat to our American liberty.

According to Dr. Gagnon, “In our near future are compulsory-speech transgender laws, the withdrawal of federal student loans and research grants from Christian institutions (then an assault on accreditation, leading to their demise), mandatory radical left-wing indoctrination in our schools and places of employment, a national puberty-blocker program for children, mandatory national access to female restrooms and sports by males (including our schools), removal of ‘LGBTQ’-identified children from the homes of faithful Christian parents who don’t endorse the identity, the severe reduction of conservative speech on social media platforms (witnessed in spades in the past few days), and the restriction of employment in various professions to those who embrace ‘LGBTQ’ ideology.”

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