Southern Baptist professor blames Christians for California’s COVID woes

COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic

Professor attacks Christians, ignores the socialist government and its managed healthcare.

In life, one can be certain of death, taxes and smug evangelicals attacking Christians. Karen Swallow Prior, a professor at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS) blamed Christians for California’s healthcare woes in the midst of the COVID crisis.

In an absurd tweet, the professor paid by Southern Baptists said, “LA Hospitals are so overwhelmed by Covid patients, ambulances are being ordered to stop transporting patients to hospitals if they have virtually no chance of surviving. The culture of death we ‘pro-life’ Christians warned about is here. We brought it.”

And then to make it perfectly clear that she is an accuser of the brethren, when challenged over the remark, she doubled down. She tweeted, “I know! So much resistance to staying put and staying socially distant from our people.”

There are a few good response to this idiocy—once again funded by your tithes and offerings. Daniel Darling offered an excellent one: “How did we bring it? CA is the most restrictive state…In a state governed almost exclusively by liberals, how is it that the outcome is the fault of prolifers? I don’t follow.”

And Tom Buck pointed out the problem of lockdown policy. He said, “Karen, this might be the most absurd thing you’ve ever said. Some data indicates lockdowns make it worse. The most draconian places have had the greatest spikes.”

A great response came from radio host Janet Mefferd. She tweeted, “Per data, California has only 1.8 hospital beds per 1,000 residents, the 3rd-lowest rate in the nation. That’s due to the intent of its managed-care system to focus more on preventive/outpatient medicine. And in a pandemic, that’s led to chaos. Blame CA.”

Yes. The blame rests with the People’s Republic of California.

Southern Baptists pay Karen Swallow Prior to blame Christians instead of the actual culprits—the socialists in California. That sounds about right for how the SBC functions today. After all, SEBTS is ground zero for the Woke heresy in the Southern Baptist Convention. It even has a professor at the seminary quoted by the New York Times bragging about promoting heretical James Cone to unsuspecting pastors!

It might be time to consider modifying those tithes and offerings. Oh, and make sure to vote against Al Mohler who caused this entire mess in the Southern Baptist Convention.