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The Perils of False Brethren in Church and State

David Platt's Social Justice Theology angers conservatives at McLean Bible Church.

Democrats in swing states are stealing the election before your very eyes. False Teachers have infiltrated the evangelical Church before your very eyes! They spread the false doctrines of Social Justice instead of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The State is in Danger. The Church is in Danger. Both are in danger from the same people—radicals bent on remaking society and church in a Great Reset.

This threat is real. These leaders removed the mask. Their treachery is open and notorious. What are you going to do about it?

Will you passively allow these enemies of the Constitution and our Republic to steal the election?

Will you stand by as so-called Evangelical leaders promote godless ideologies and spread their heresy of racial identity politics in our churches?



Now is the time of action. God put us here. He placed us now to resist these false brethren.

It is not the first time church and state were threatened by godless enemies seeking our total ruin.

The Perils of False Brethren in Church and State

“In journeyings often, in perils of waters, in perils of robbers, in perils by mine own countrymen, in perils by the heathen, in perils in the city, in perils in the wilderness, in perils in the sea, in perils among false brethren.” 2 Corinthians 11:26

On November 5, 1709, Henry Sacheverell delivered a sermon at St. Paul’s on The Perils of False Brethren in Church and State. His text was 2 Corinthians 11:26.

November 5 is the anniversary of the failed Gunpowder Plot—the Roman Catholic plot to blow up Parliament and King James I. Also, it was the holiday of the landing of William of Orange to liberate England from King James II. These were important days in the history of the Protestant faith and for the liberties of England. One event purposed for evil was foiled. One event purposed for good flourished.

It was in this setting, Sacheverell endeavored “to Open the Eyes of the Deluded People in this Our Great Metropolis…to have its Rich, and Powerful Inhabitants set right in their Notions of Government, both in Church and State.” He would do this by exposing the “Damnable False Doctrines” that beset both the spiritual and temporal worlds.

Here we are again on another November 5. The threat to our Constitution is as real now by what we are witnessing in swing states as the Gunpowder Plot to destroy the constitutional officers and Parliament of England was in its time.

The Social Justice preachers are perverting our churches today. It was revealed by Judd Saul of Enemies within the Church that Tim Keller is a registered Democrat! It was also revealed by Judd Saul that Mark Dever is a registered Democrat! And these men are leaders of the so-called Gospel Coalition!

Men like David Platt and others preach that even those who vote for pro-abortion (ie: pro-baby murder) party can be members of churches! God forbid! No, these people have self-excommunicated themselves by voting for murder. It is a grave sin.

Yet, these men are promoted and platformed by leaders in the Southern Baptist Convention!

God forbid such evil continues.

It is time to expel any church with a pastor who voted for Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden.

It is time to expel any church who allows Democrats as members. For, how can an unrepentant murder and those who by their vote aid and abet murder be in communion with Christ and His Church?

This is not a moment to waver.

This is not a moment to be deceived.

Often, God’s people neglect their duties. They are lulled into a false sense of security. This is the Church in America. Our rights and liberties dull our sense of danger. Surely, the rule of law will protect us. However, such institutions are under assault.

Tyrants are destroying the rule of law. Don’t be deceived—these are tyrants who would behave in such a manner regarding the vote.

There are problems in Wisconsin.

There are problems in Michigan.

There are problems in Pennsylvania.

There are problems in Arizona.

There are problems in Georgia.

There are problems in all the swing states.

Is this a coincidence?

Of course not. These are the desperate acts of desperate people. These are the actions of the enemies of God who are at war with His People—the Church.

It is bad enough these False Americans—these false brothers of the Republic exist in the secular realm. But we have to deal with them within our church too. They are promoting the Great Reset, and important Southern Baptist leaders are involved in the plot

“Arise, O God, defend your cause!” (Ps. 74:22) Your people are in danger. We are in danger from both within and without.

As Dr. Robert A.J. Gagnon said, “If Biden wins, all religious conservatives who did not do their part in urging people to cast an effective vote against him (especially Never-Trumpers) bear a collective responsibility for the debacle that we are going to endure, in which we will permanently lose some freedoms.”

We must hold these false teachers in the church accountable.

We must take action in both church and state.

We must start with prayer.

We must then take action.

Our action must be guided by Thomas Jefferson’s wise words: “Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God.” Or John Knox’s “to resist a misled King, is not to resist God, nor yet his Ordinance.” (Source). Remember the example of Rahab and the Hebrew midwives.

This is our battle. It is for us to do our part—and for God in his sovereign will to dispose this battle.

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