Al-firmative Action: Southern Baptist Seminary approves reparations

SBC seminary uses Race as criteria in new scholarships

The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary rejected demands for renaming buildings on the college campus, but approved $5 million in scholarships exclusively for black students. It looks like the seminary is engaged in a form of reparations in an attempt to appease Woke critics.

The seminary’s own press release tells you all you need to know: “In their annual fall meeting, trustees of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary unanimously voted not to remove the names of the school’s founders from several campus buildings, but embraced steps to lament the institution’s racial history and provide up to $5 million in scholarships for African American students over the next few years.”

And the reason for this race-based scholarship?

Apparently, the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary has a “special debt” to repay.

We are seeking to respond to the moral and theological burden of history by being a far more faithful institution in the present and in the future than we’ve been in the past and in this central respect we acknowledge a special debt to African American Christians,” SBTS President Albert Mohler said.

Special debt?

How will we repay that?

Al-firmative Action.[1]

In a move that shows Al Mohler’s Third Way, the seminary tried to please everyone and will end up pleasing no one. SBTS defends its history and bends the knee to the Woke lobby.

However, it won’t work. This type of compromise won’t please anyone because you can’t please the Woke. They’ll pocket the $5 million in scholarships based on race—something anathema to a colorblind society—and the Woke will find new causes to critique SBTS.

But, and this is important, should a Christian institution be in the business of creating scholarships with race-based criteria?

Shouldn’t the goal of our seminaries and the church be the eradication of race as a criteria for promotion?

How does this Al-firmative Action program build a colorblind church?

It doesn’t. It won’t.

Of course, a colorblind church is not the goal of the Woke Crowd. They want a new hierarchy.

As Ben Shapiro said in his book, How to Destroy America In Three Easy Steps, “The core of critical race theory (CRT) lies in the propositions that racism is ordinary and permanent; that whiteness and property coincide; that history is told only by dominant groups, and requires a counternarrative; and that color-blindness is a myth, and that the notion of equality of rights is itself a reflection of color hierarchy.”[2]

Al Mohler and Southern Baptist Theological Seminary are playing along. They’ve accepted the key points of the Critical Race Theory hucksters.

They believe black Christians are oppressed and that as such we owe them a special debt. Also, the new scholarships with race as a cornerstone criteria makes a mockery of any colorblind church.

This is the new Woke Southern Baptist Convention. And you can once again thank Al Mohler for it.

[1] Credit for this term goes to Protestia—who first used it.

[2] Shapiro, pp. 176-177.