Southern Baptist Elites attempted to stop Statement against Critical Race Theory

ERLC VP pressured Tom Ascol, Josh Buice not to release Statement on Social Justice & the Gospel

SBTS administration discouraged faculty from signing statement

Southern Baptist Elites pressured initial signers of a statement against Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality in a failed attempt to stop the release of the now famous Dallas Statement on Social Justice & the Gospel. Other top Southern Baptist leaders including Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (SBTS) administration pressured conservative faculty not to sign the statement.

Before release of the Dallas Statement against the analytical tools of Identity Politics, then Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) Executive Vice President Phillip Bethancourt called Dr. Tom Ascol and Dr. Josh Buice. Dr. Ascol related the conversation during a presentation at the Great Awokening Conference hosted by Sovereign Nations in Tampa, Florida, tonight. (See video of entire presentation embedded below.)

The phone conversation between Bethancourt of the ERLC, Ascol and Buice of the Dallas Statement took place “shortly before the statement’s release,” according to Dr. Ascol.

“He called us and tried to talk us out of releasing it,” Ascol said. “He suggested that if we did so that it would wind up being an embarrassment to us because, he said, this statement would never gain traction. No prominent person is backing it except John MacArthur and nobody listens to John MacArthur anymore. He said it would result in people dismissing us and our ministries.”

The ERLC has a history of pressuring Southern Baptists. It was revealed on the Eric Metaxas Show how the ERLC played a significant role in the firing of conservative Southern Baptist professor Robert Lopez. This was exposed only because Dr. Lopez recorded a conversation with Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Provost Randy Stinson. The recorded conversation proved Stinson lied in a PR release that remains on the SWBTS site.

SBTS Administration warned faculty not to sign Dallas Statement

This was not the only Southern Baptist pressure against the Statement.

“Faculty members at Southern Seminary have said they were strongly discouraged by the administration from signing that statement,” Dr. Ascol said.

This came after Dr. Mohler rejected the statement multiple times in public.

Mohler’s administration at Southern likewise forced out Dr. Russell Fuller over a range of issues including Dr. Fuller’s stand against the teaching of Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Fuller detailed the problems at Southern in a series of interviews with Jon Harris. These are worth watching as they expose the level of intimidation against conservatives at Al Mohler’s seminary.  

Despite the pressure from Southern Baptist Elites, the Dallas Statement on Social Justice & the Gospel now has 14,484 signers.

Watch all of Dr. Ascol’s presentation below: