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2020 teaches one should never listen to Russell Moore

2020 is filled with lessons. For the Christian voter, one clear lesson is that you should never listen to Russell Moore.

Dr. Russell Moore is the head of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC). Dr. Moore was a rabid Never Trumper in 2016. He embarrassed himself on the Rick & Bubba Show—Dr. Moore was unable to answer how a Christian should vote to stop the ascendency of Democrats. That appearance on the talk show exposed Russell Moore’s entire purpose in the 2016 Presidential Election—to suppress conservative, Christian voter turnout for the Republican Party.

He failed.

Christians voted overwhelmingly for Donald J. Trump.

They voted Trump because he was the only Pro-Life candidate who could stop the election of Hillary Clinton.

It was the moral choice.

In fact, to virtue signal and not actively do everything to stop Hillary Clinton’s election would’ve been sinful. (You can read about voting as a duty to reduce evil in our essay here describing a Christian voting model based on Dr. Norm Geisler’s Graded Absolutism.) Christians have a moral obligation to prevent the murder of babies. Christians know that. Apparently, Russell Moore doesn’t.

His action during the 2016 Presidential Campaign was theological and political malpractice.

For that reason alone, he should be fired from the head of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission. However, he was saved from any consequences of his feckless conduct by the intervention of so-called conservative Al Mohler.

Mohler declared, “I know his heart,” and that was that. Mohler handed lifeling Democrat Russell Moore a get-out-of-jail free card. Mohler’s support kept Moore in power at the ERLC. And we are still suffering the consequences.

On Friday in a Los Angeles County courtroom, the Leftist Tyrants in California argued that Pastor John MacArthur and Grace Community Church should be held in contempt of court for holding church services.

Where is the ERLC during this critical fight?

The Falkirk Center and the Thomas More Society are leading this critical fight for religious liberty. This is about more than John MacArthur’s church. There are hundreds of churches defying Leftist Tyrants. And our ERLC is silent.

They were wisely compared by one California church leader to Neville Chamberlain urging appeasement of tyrants.

The ERLC is reviewing books while Pastors face the threat of fines and jail for worshiping Jesus. Russell Moore is focused on religious liberty troubles—in China—instead of the religious liberty threat in America. Why? Is it because his Democratic Party friends are the ones doing the persecution?

And now 2020 brings a new adventure: a Supreme Court vacancy.

With the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, President Trump will nominate another justice to the Supreme Court. That makes three. President Bill Clinton nominated only two (both confirmed) in eight years. Trump is on the verge of remaking the court—and doing it despite opposition from so-called Christians like Russell Moore, David French, etc.

There are no guarantees in this new Supreme Court fight. However, if Christian voters listened to Russell Moore and David French in 2016, this would be another Hillary Clinton liberal taking a seat on the high court. There is at least a chance that regardless of the election, Trump lands another conservative on the Supreme Court.

If 2020 teaches us anything, it is to ignore political and theological advice from the likes of Russell Moore.

1 thought on “2020 teaches one should never listen to Russell Moore”

  1. Thanks for this. As you accurately stated, all they do is push their books, review others books or do music critiques. It is so unethical that the head of ethics does unethical things such as use their platform to push books. In any other industry, you’d never have people in leadership with the time to write a book nor the right to use their time to write a book they profit from. No one should ever listen to Russell Moore.

    Oh, plus the name of his new book – “the courage to stand.” Oh my gosh.

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