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Woke Evangelicals Admit America Can Never Atone For Its Sins

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SBC lies about America…again!

A new day, so it must be a new bit of anti-American, Leftist propaganda from the folks at the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC). And guess what, the ERLC one again claims America is a dystopia of systemic racism. Thomas Sowell called systemic racism a lie that reminds him of Nazi propaganda. So, of course, your Southern Baptist church is funding these leftist lies.

The ERLC claims, “From slavery to Jim Crow to lynch mobs to redlining, racial injustice in America is complex and multifaceted, and we must continue to combat it. In fact, the reckoning we are experiencing right now is a collective response to the systemic violation of the humanity of Black Americans.”

This is a lie. There is no systemic violation of the humanity of Black Americans right now. America long since banned such evil. Further, what we are experiencing right now is a Woke Mob run amok in our cities killing, intimidating and tearing down statues. This is not a Culture War. This is a Cultural Revolution that would please Lenin.

And the Woke want you to know something—you and America can never be forgiven for America’s racial sins.

“It would be foolish to assume that any single or even limited set of actions could rectify generations of oppression and injustice,” he writes.

Dude, America fought a Civil War, banned racial segregation, and ended unfair housing practices. Discrimination is against the law. All of that was done over 50 years ago and the Civil War was in the nineteenth century!

If America cannot expunge its sin with 1.5 million casualties in the Civil War (a figure that includes about 620,000 war dead), then what would earn its remission of sin?

Of course, that is only a rhetorical question. States do not have souls and do not have the chance of salvation, as Cardinal Richelieu noted. However, it is a key point: if spilling blood to free the slaves was not enough to overcome the past, then what would be?

If America cannot move forward by changing the hearts and minds of its people along with its laws, then what prices does the ERLC demand in its racial justice crusade?

America is the least racist country in the world, as Ben Shapiro likes to point out on his podcast.

That is why it must build fences along its border.

America is not perfect. Nobody claims that. However, Southern Baptists love our country. We are patriots. This Leftist propaganda from the ERLC must stop and it must stop now. The ERLC is giving aid and comfort to the Neo-Marxist revolutionaries destroying our land.

The SBC must say enough. If the SBC will not stop it, then your local church must stop it. Your church can stop it by making its CP contribution with restrictions. Apparently, money is the only language the SBC Elite will understand.

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