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Al Mohler claims America is systemically racist throughout its history

SBTS President Albert Mohler adopts Neo-Marxist critique of American history

The Southern Baptist Convention’s leading theologian and president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (SBTS) claimed the US Constitution and the Founders were sinful and created a sinful system. This is a flashing warning sign: Al Mohler is creating a Third Way, Middle of the Road Compromise, a Soft Intersectionality. Mr. Speaker Harley, err, Al Mohler is clever. Mohler accepts the Neo-Marxist critique of America as systemically racist, rejects a revolution and then tries in Bill Clinton-like Triangulation fashion to construct a Third Way.

First, Mohler advances the view of America as racist. Mohler said, “Now, taking it back to the issue of structural or systemic racism. Do we see that? Well, we certainly have through much of American history. You certainly see it in the founding, even in the Constitution’s allowance for race-based chattel slavery in the United States for human beings to own other human beings, and the definition of black people in the United States as less human than non-black people in the very same country. You see it throughout the history, not only of slavery, but of segregation and race-based discrimination, but even in more recent years, you see it in economic policies. You see it in banking and zoning regulations

So, there you have it. America is systemically racist historically including its Founding documents and remains sinful despite everyone universally condemning racism and outlawing racial discrimination.

America’s system is so systemically racist it even elected a black President! It is so systemically racist millions of Africans immigrated to the United States since the immigration reforms of the 1960s.

Contrast what Al Mohler said about America with what Henry Kissinger said about the USA. Kissinger wrote, “Whatever may be said about the contradictions in this project or of the personal lives of its Founders, as the United States expanded and thrived, so too did democracy, and the aspiration toward it spread and took root across the hemisphere and the world.”

Kissinger’s appreciation for America is a perfect contrast to Mohler’s anti-America rhetoric. Kissinger recognizes America is imperfect. He still loves it and appreciates it.

In Mohler’s critique, America is so systemically racist that the Civil War and Voting Rights Act and Affirmative Action have not atoned for that sin. It lingers. And we cannot escape its impact:

“Furthermore, we understand that even in the United States where a consciousness of the sin and wrong and injustice of racism has made tremendous steps forward over recent decades, even as those kinds of deed restrictions would not be legally justifiable now—the vast majority of Americans would surely see them as immoral and unjust—the fact is that there is a continuing impact of those policies in most communities, not just some, but in most communities around the United States.”

Really? The US has Fair Housing laws. Redlining was outlawed in 1968. If outlawing the practice and 50 years cannot end the impact of a bad policy, then what is the solution?

We’ve changed hearts.

We’ve changed minds.

We’ve changed laws.

None of that was enough?

If the policy is changed and the moral view of the people changed, what else is left to do? Is Mohler hinting at something? Is he about to advocate for Equity?

The trend in Elite Evangelicalism is toward reparations. The rabid Never Trump Christianity Today in an editorial endorsed the wicked idea.

And the inevitable conclusion of Mohler’s monologue is that something else must change. If racism is sinful (and he quotes the Baptist Faith & Message 2000 to show this is the view of Southern Baptists) and the system is still racist and people are suffering, then we must apply the Biblical Justice demanded by our same Baptist Faith & Message.

As Mohler quotes the BF&M, Christians have a responsibility to “provide for the orphaned, the needy, the abused, the aged, the helpless, and the sick.” And, to work for human dignity from the womb to the tomb. And to do this the Christian should “bring industry, government, and society as a whole under the sway of the principles of righteousness, truth, and brotherly love.”

In other words, the System must be changed. And not to put too fine a point on it, but since African Americans suffer from the effects of systemic racism even 50+ years after it was outlawed, these helpless folks must be taken care of via reparations. Justice would demand it. Right?

Could we get more paternalistic? Are we going to assert Black people do not have agency?

Al Mohler tells us what we have always known—that there is no atonement for America’s past. It is the Southern Baptist Convention’s preachy sounding version of the 1619 Project.

This Al Mohler Briefing creates a three-way view: the status quo of systemic racism, the Neo-Marxist Cultural Revolution or Al Mohler’s Third Way. The Christian is forced to reject the status quo since it is unjust and the Christian naturally rejects the chaos of revolution. The Third Way is the obvious choice in the way this is structured. However, this is what makes Mohler so dangerous. His Third Way accepts the critiques of America which necessarily shifts the rhetoric to the inevitable requirements for restitution/reparations and the further destruction of America.

No thanks.

There is a better way.

America is the least racist country in the world. Folks have to manufacture fake hate crimes to keep the racist narrative alive—that is something Ben Shapiro likes to point out on his podcast.

Southern Baptist Elites like Al Mohler should stop their Hate America rhetoric that fuels the riots and destruction of Western Civilization. And they must stop it before it is too late.

Also, be sure to watch this excellent video on the Cultural Revolution destroying America right now.

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