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Bible Study Explores Biblical Principles of America’s Founders

Biblical Principles of America's Founding Fathers

A new Bible Study prepared by B. Nathaniel “Bev” Sullivan explores the biblical principles included in the Declaration of Independence. The Bible Study is available for free on his websites. It includes rich historical details and shows how the Bible shaped the thinking of the Founding Fathers.

The Bible Study released June 12, 2020, can be used by groups or pastors or individuals. You can access it here.

This is an important tool for today’s Christian. For too long historians (some even so-called Evangelicals) have claimed the Founders were Deists or otherwise not Christians. Thankfully, new scholarship debunks these assertions. Mark David Hall’s excellent new book Did America Have a Christian Founding definitively shows the Founders were influenced by biblical thinking.

Other researchers show that too. Sacred Scripture, Sacred War: The Bible and The American Revolution by James P. Byrd and Reading the Bible with the Founding Fathers by Daniel L. Dreisbach establish without question the influence of the Bible on America’s political philosophy during the Revolutionary Era.

That’s not to say John Locke wasn’t important. He was. However, the Bible permeated America during the Revolutionary Era. It was widely available and the most read book of the time. Hall shows in his work that Locke was limited in availability.

This release is timely. As the very foundation of American Government and American Society are under assault, developing an appreciation for the Founding Fathers and their work is more important than ever.

“Because leftists often use the same words but with very different meanings, people frequently are duped by their emotional and passionate rhetoric. Going back to the Declaration of Independence and unearthing the intent of the Founders is an important step in effectively refuting the claims of the left and upholding the torch of authentic freedom,” Sullivan said in an introduction for this Bible Study.

What makes the Bible Study useful is that it explores American history and shows how biblical principles shaped our politics. This is a two-fold benefit. First, the Christian citizen should understand these biblical truths because they are at the heart of any good government. Second, the Christian should understand these biblical principles because they reflect God’s eternal nature.

Understanding these principles will help us not only be a better citizen but a better Christian.

According to Sullivan, “Each of the five sessions consists of a background information article and a teaching plan. When the material is used by a group, a facilitator would read the both the background article and the teaching plan, and prepare his or her own teaching approach using the information and resources offered. Each session is designed to be about one hour in length.”

So, check out Sullivan’s excellent work. Christians need to know these truths now!

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  1. I just finished reading the book Founding Brothers and so much of what you say is right on but I was stricken by their fear that SC and Va would not stay in the union if they freed the slaves. That Sin which many of them acknowledged haunted them and their failure to trust God and do what was moral condemned us to the very UnCivil War and our present chaos . There were a lot of men of faith in the group but they failed in dealing with making Slaves of their brothers.

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