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SCANDAL: Al Mohler Just Fired SBC Professor Who Stood Against Marxism & CRT

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Albert Mohler terminated four conservative Southern Baptist professors including the lone SBTS professor to sign the Dallas Statement on Social Justice & the Gospel. This group of conservative professors stood against the leftward drift of the Southern Baptist Convention.

And now they are out of a job.

The firings of Russell Fuller, Theodore Cabal, Ken Magnuson, and Jim Orrick were first reported by Enemies Within the Church.

Fuller is a signer of the Dallas Statement, and according to one SBTS graduate, the guy who wrote the book everyone uses when teaching Hebrew.

According to Tim Dukeman, “Something you might not know because you didn’t go to SBTS: Fuller WROTE the textbook that most of the Hebrew profs use. He’s way more qualified than everyone they kept, other than Gentry. This is absolutely a political move. Mohler is purging conservatives.”

The other professors were described as bulwarks of conservativism.  

According to Enemies Within the Church, “Critic of ‘New Calvinism,’ Jim Orrick, along with Cabal, and Magnuson have all stood against the advance New Liberalism at the school. However, that resistance comes to an end today as the board of trustees almost unanimously voted for their termination in support of Albert Mohler’s plan to cut cost during the Covid-19 quarantine.”

And if you guessed that the men’s severance package including salary and health benefits would be tied to signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), then you’d be right.

What is it about the SBC and NDAs?

If SBC Elites have nothing to hide, then why require NDAs?

Aren’t Christians called to abstain from even an appearance of evil? While NDAs are fine for secular business, it doesn’t look appropriate for the Southern Baptist Convention.

In fact, none of this looks appropriate.

Mohler terminated four solid conservatives while other faculty promoting Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality remain.

And he’s done nothing publicly to rebuke Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (SBTS) Provost Matthew Hall—who claimed he suffers from feelings of white supremacy—or reprimand others who similarly promote racial identity politics like Jarvis Williams and Curtis Woods. Woods left the seminary to take a job with the Kentucky Baptist Convention.

Now, highlighting Mohler’s Woke bona fides, SBTS fired the lone faculty member who signed the Dallas Statement on Social Justice and the Gospel.

In other words, Mohler fired the only faculty member at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary on record condemning Critical Race Theory by supporting the Dallas Statement while keeping the progressives on staff.

Don’t forget, Mohler is not only responsible for platforming Hall, Williams and Woods, but also elevating progressive ERLC head Russell Moore and SEBTS president Daniel Akin.

What hath Mohler wrought?

The Mohler Baptist Convention—a convention of SBC entities with leaders who all are proteges of Al Mohler.

Considering how bad things are in the SBC, who else can we blame but the godfather of the SBC?

Mohler fires the lone faculty member on record as standing against the evils of Identity Politics by signing the Dallas Statement.

That sends a very clear message. Al Mohler isn’t what you think he is.

20 thoughts on “SCANDAL: Al Mohler Just Fired SBC Professor Who Stood Against Marxism & CRT”

  1. The quality of writing here is middle school. This is a pathetic excuse for anything resembling journalism and lacks basic credibility, primary interviews, citation, sourcing on and on. A train wreck and dumpster fire….

    1. This is analysis. Anyone not in middle school would know the difference between analysis and “reporting.” Citation to the original reporting included. No doubt you are a fanboy of Mohler employing Matthew “I’ve got feelings of white supremacy” Hall. and you’ll just ignore the facts:

      1. Mohler fired the only Dallas Statement signer on his faculty.
      2. Mohler still employs people who actively promote CRT/I.

      Mohler fired the guy who literally wrote the textbook everyone else uses.

      Have fun trying to defend the dumpster fire that is the SBC.

      1. That’s poor use of deductive reasoning.

        1. is true.

        However, point 2 is easily disputed when you read their actual writings and hear them speak. They in no way form or fashion promote CRT. Please, you are supposed to be a discerning site. Writing sensationalist alarmist articles such as this is not the way, Brothers.

      2. Can you share definitive proof that this is the reason they were fired? The NDA? If you don’t then this is just gossip and the Bible warns against that.

        1. It isn’t gossip if it is true. Nice try shutting down discussion of a public matter–and the employment status of SBC entity employees is a matter of public interest for everyone in the SBC.

          I cited the source of the report. The professors were fired. They were given the NDA as is now standard in the SBC entities when severance packages are provided. It is so common that a guy running for SBC President this year called for ending these secretive documents. It isn’t very Christian to hide in the dark.

          1. Straight from the horses mouth, Magnuson will NOT be let go and these are not firings. SBTS dropped their budget from $53.2M to $37.2M. According to a trustee on the finance committee, the situation at SBTS is dire and action needed to be taken. SBTS has the stats backing up which classes students take with certain professors.

            The letting go of professors is a matter of economics pure and simple.

            1. “Economics.” lol. So do they not teach Hebrew any more? Because getting rid of the guy who wrote the textbook speaks volumes about what Mohler and Hall are doing.

          2. Sorry J but finding out the facts that Satan wants hidden is NOT gossip.And don’t mention the Bible when you don’t believe in it.I spot very similar illogic in Josh,J and Branton which could mean it is the same troll or even three separate trolls but obviously people who come here not to gain truth but because you oppose traditional Christian beliefs.You are easily seen through as radicals who want to change and distort the Bible.I can spot your type every time and so can other Capstone readers.Nice try.

      3. Branton you use the same phrase all radical anti-God anti-White fools seem to think is so clever,”dumpster fire”.Dumpster fire is such a stupid descriptive.As far as this site,its great.They give information on things your Satanic side prefer remain hidden.If you want middle school writing try Rep Hank Johnson or Rep Sheila Jackson Lee who I’m sure you adore.

    2. The SBC is preparing to merge with the new Bill Gates forced vaccination Mark of the Beast world government. Mohler only wants people who will administer the mark.

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    4. This is a sure-fired way to take the SBC straight to hell’s corridors where the devil can walk into the teachings of God’s once beloved Baptist believers … anytime he wants.
      Albrrt Mohler is now owned by Satan, and the SBC
      Is chained to hell. I will donate my money to folks who need it. I will speak out against the SBC from now on.

      1. Amen and me too Patsy.I tell everyone I talk to how the SBC is a Bolshevik,open borders den of evil.I think we are making a difference because people are finally getting the facts.Keep up the fantastic work CapstoneReport.

    5. If he were ridding the seminary of conservatives, why not choose Bruce Ware or Tom Schreiner or Shawn Wright or Andrew Walker or Jon Pennington? All of these men are strong conservative voices who have publicly criticized identity politics and the social justice movements. Also, NDAs are standard anytime you give severance pay and are actually required by law in some states.

      1. Because it is standard in secular employment doesn’t mean it is desirable in the church. This is why Randy Adams in his SBC presidential platform called to end the use of NDAs within SBC entities.

        Further, considering this, I doubt your assertion that it is “required” is accurate:

        Lastly, Mohler terminated one specific conservative–someone who signed the Dallas Statement. All those others you mentioned weren’t willing to do that and yet still keeps paying Matthew “I have feelings of White Supremacy” Hall and Jarvis Williams.

    6. Without choosing sides on the major point of the article, a question is asked that deserves and answer: “Aren’t Christians called to abstain from even an appearance of evil?” The answer is, “No.” “Appearance” derives from the KJV translation of the Greek word εἶδος Paul uses in I Thessalonians 5:22. Virtually all subsequent translations more accurately render εἶδος as “form” or “kind” (e.g., NASB, NIV). Thayer’s Lexicon explains, “i.e., from every kind of evil or wrong, 1 Thessalonians 5:22.” Thus, Paul is saying “Avoid things that are intrinsically evil.” This is similar to legal categories of wrong–malum in se and malum prohibitum. Malum in se means “evil in and of itself, i.e., intrinsically evil,” similar to εἶδος in I Thessalonians 5:22. Malum prohibitum means “a wrong prohibited by law,” such as driving 26 miles per hour where the speed limit is 25. Therefore it might be helpful to understand Paul as saying, “Avoid malum in se.” If Christians were actually supposed to avoid all “appearances” of evil, we have to ask, “appearances in who’s mind?” “Appearances” expands the concept of evil far beyond the objective examples in Scripture to anyone’s ideal of what, subjectively, “looks evil.” It is time to put an end to a common but inaccurate understanding of εἶδος lest we find ourselves straining out a gnat and swallowing a camel.

    7. I am a student at Southern and have another take on this situation. I wholeheartedly agree that NDAs should not be used except where legally required and I don’t know enough about the legalities to comment on that. Secrecy is unbecoming of God’s people and only breeds rumors and makes us look like a cult.

      As for the motive in letting go of certain professors, I must admit, I hadn’t considered that anyone (Mohler) could be using this as an opportunity to dismiss those who have politically differing views. What had occurred to me is that there is another narrative that seems more likely to me. If you go to, you will see that the professors referenced in this article are among some of the lower rates professors. I hate to point that out, but it is true. These are good respectable men, but not viewed as the best teachers. It is true that Fuller wrote the book that I and many other Hebrew students have used. He is a Hebrew elite! That doesn’t mean he is an elite teacher for the common MDiv student. The other Hebrew professors have higher ratings because of the quality of their instruction in the classroom. They can and should continue to use Fuller’s book. It’s really good.

      As for Cabal, I can’t say much, I haven’t met him and don’t know much more than RateMyProfessor says. As for Wittmam, he only has one rating on the website since he is a new teacher and while it is a 5, I have heard some complaints around the school about him being kind of stern/harsh. While other professors are more loving and pastoral toward their students, he is less so. Still, I have heard he is absolutely brilliant and I was hoping to take at least one class from him.

      Nothing I’m saying is proof of anything, nor are the theories presented in this article. Both have some merit, but we should be careful to be too harsh in our judgements and speculations. Some of the comments above were appauling. We can have our concerns and I am in agreement about CRT being evil and that the SBC needs to be very careful, but many comments above are in danger of looking at a brother and calling him “fool.” (Matt 5:22)

      I hope it’s clear I’m not trolling, or liberal, or being defensive. I am just concerned for the unity of Christ’s bride. May God guide us all in paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.


    8. Journalism at it’s best…this is laughable. As someone who attends one of the SBC seminaries and who before coming to Christ was a flaming liberal, you really have no idea what you’re talking about. It’s sad that some of your readers will take you with higher authority than they do the Scriptures. It’s sad that you are promoting something for the fame of your own name rather than for the truth- at least that’s all I can infer from reading some of your articles. If you spent any time listening to these people or reading their works (and in context), which I’m sure you haven’t (laziness or maybe you couldn’t find the time from all of the articles you write here…?), you would know better (my own assumption) . I full well understand calling out heretics and helping people to not fall for false doctrine, but this is laughable. I wonder if you know how many students took Fuller’s classes. He’s a brilliant professor…he wrote the darn book! And he was extremely tough! Fuller wanted his students to be the best! His passion is Hebrew! Some students, however opted to take different professors, making his classes smaller.

      This article is sensational at best and shows a remarkable amount of ignorance. While the SBC is far from perfect (and I don’t agree 100% with every SBC leader)- just like any other denomination or ministry- they have done profound good! Like many of my professors, I denounce CRT. The Gospel shows us another way with all of these issues.

      I think at the end of the day, your witty and shoddy attempt at an article is misleading. It sounds like your only connection to this knowledge is flavored with a bitter hatred and possible unresolved conflicts that were not fully dealt with. Had your article included any references to anything that made you look credible, you might have reached a bigger crowd. But then again, to write something as sensational as this, requires all credible, or half-credible sources to be left out and for overt conspiracy theories or what have you to be inserted with the use of colorful language. I am truly sorry for those who read this and are swayed by your ignorance and apparent lack of knowledge…and wisdom.

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