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ALERT: Democrats begin persecution of Christians in America

Democrats are beginning a selective harassment campaign using their political power in states like Kentucky and local governments like Greenwood, Mississippi to persecute Christians.

Todd Starnes reported outrageous details of a Kentucky plan to force anyone attending church into a 14-day quarantine. Apparently, that would include drive-in church services.

Drive-in church services are events where church goers sit in their own cars, with the windows rolled up and listen to the service via a low-powered FM transmitter.

However, Democrats don’t like this.

They banned these drive-in services even as abortion clinics operate, liquor stores serve alcohol and drive-in restaurants serve customers.

Democrats in Kentucky ordered mandatory quarantine and other harassment.

Now, everyone who is a regular reader knows that I don’t often agree with Dr. Al Mohler. But, I agree with what he said that Starnes quoted.

“Let me be clear, my church will have no ‘drive in’ service. That is not the point,” said Southern Baptist Theological Seminary president Albert Mohler wrote on Twitter. “But this city allows ‘drive thru’ liquor sales, and this is not the Soviet Union nor China under the PRC. This is far beyond a general ban on all in person assemblies.”

I’m in the same situation. My church will do its service online. However, the harassment in Kentucky is evil. It is an attack on religious liberty.

And it is not only happening in Kentucky.

Democrats in other parts of the country are flexing the power of the state to persecute Christians.

Other Southern Baptists shared similar reactions.

SBC pastor Tom Buck tweeted, “This unconstitutional lunacy needs to stop! Again, people are allowed to drive to the grocery store and get OUT of their cars and go IN the store.”

SHOCK! Mayor persecuting Mississippi churches endorsed Joe Biden


If you are a Christian, then you need to know this: Democrats are using the pandemic to attack churches. It was revealed today that the Mayor of Greenville, Mississippi who sent police to harass churches endorsed Joe Biden for President.

Yep. He’s a Democrat.

Todd Starnes provided this explosive detail today. (If you aren’t listening to or reading Starnes, then you are missing out on a good Southern Baptist voice defending liberty.)

Shocking isn’t it?

Democrats hate Christians and are using the crisis to attack your religious liberty.

The Alliance Defending Freedom filed a lawsuit to stop the attack on these Mississippi churches.

The governor of Mississippi, a Republican, is supporting religious liberty.

However, this shows that Democrats at any level of government when they gain political power use it to persecute Christians.

You better Remember that in November.

And you better get ready to fight now if you want to preserve the liberty our fathers and grandfathers passed to us.

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  1. Coronavirus is over. It was largely a hoax anyway, with Fauci lying saying 200 million would die. Its only 1700, less deaths even than a seasonal flu. Wverything must be opened back up immediately, and Fauci, Birx, and Bill Gates executed for their treason.

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