Feeding my family is a pro-life issue

COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic

Something that gets lost in all of this: The individual matters too. We must take sensible precautions to stop the COVID-19 spread and get American back to work. We can and must do both.

Ever noticed the way Big Eva expands the pro-life issue? Today, staying at home and isolating they’ve defined as pro-life too. Well, if that’s pro-life, then here’s something else to consider as pro-life too. I have a special needs son. He has autism. It is expensive to find foods he will eat—and that’s in the best of times. So, I need to feed my family. To do that I need an economy that works. I need to make ends meet. Otherwise, well, I don’t want to think about trying to feed a kid who won’t eat during a modern depression with 30% or more unemployment.

I am good today. And tomorrow. But, what happens after that?

My family needs to eat. That means we need to work. That means we need a functioning economy.

We don’t have that right now. And with the Washington Elites running things, promise of help languishes as Democrats try to remake society—promoting social justice nonsense, the Green New Deal and Digital Dollars instead of helping average Americans.

Our political class is sick. The Swamp will do anything to maintain its power.

But, I need to eat.

I’d also like a place to live.

I live in Alabama, so I’d like to have air conditioning.

These things cost money.

And, I don’t know of any other way to meet these needs than work.

Democrats are more concerned with corporate board quotas and carbon emissions than me and my family.

Every minute in lockdown and without a stimulus bill is another minute that we average Deplorables suffer.

At some point, this becomes a pro-life issue. My son matters. My wife matters. I matter.

We may not win the intersectional lottery for special treatment, but we matter.

And as we feed our family, we help others too. That’s the great thing about the American worker. We not only support charity, but our taxes fund the infrastructure necessary to keep civilization going.

This isn’t calling for an end to sensible precautions—social distancing and even lockdowns when the situation dictates it hotspots like New York City. We need to protect everyone and take wise steps. However, we must also keep in mind that getting American back to work is a priority too. If we fail in that task, then millions will suffer.

And, I know this sounds selfish to some—I’d like to feed my son and be able to eat too.