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National self-determination holds government accountable

Brexit places government closer to the people again in the UK. Buck stops in the House of Commons, says UK Member of Parliament Daniel Kawczynski.

The Rome Conference of the National Conservatism movement released a video of British Member of Pariament Daniel Kawczynski. It brief but highlights the importance of national movements. Representation is best when it is closest to the people. The United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union is a major step in making the machinery of government accountable to the people it is supposed to serve.

Kawczynski highlighted the greater accountability of a national state like the United Kingdom compared to the supranational European Union.  He focused on the alien nature of the Franco-German power center that worked against the national interests and that the UK was unable to balance in alliance with other groups like the Czechs, Polish and Hungarian states.

Also, the supranational organization suppressed accountability to the people. This was through the unelected European Commission and the enormous size of the European Parliament constituencies.

He said, “Think about it you’ve got a Parliament representing 500 or 600 million people think how big the constituencies have to be in our case–it’s called the West Midlands. Six million people. Three times the size of Lithuania.”

Kawczynski’s said that elected members of the European Parliament also do not have the same local connection as members of the UK’s Parliament.

“None of the MEPs live in my community of Shropshire,” Kawczynski’s said. “None of them have offices there. None of them come there. They work in another country. How is that making them accountable?”

In contrast, Brexit enables the UK to once again know “The Buck stops there” in the House of Commons. “We make the rules. We make the regulations. And if the people don’t like it, they can throw us out.”

Kawczynski’s speech came during the “Toward a Europe of Sovereign Nations” panel at God, Honor, Country: President Ronald Reagan, Pope John Paul II, and the Freedom of Nations – A National Conservatism Conference in Rome, Italy – February 4, 2020. The video is about nine minutes long and provides an overview of the Brexit Movement.

You can subscribe to the National Conservatism YouTube channel for more of these informative presentations.

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