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D’oh and Mea Culpa

We erred. We erred in our use of an anonymous political source to shape a blog post posting the question: Did MWBTS President lobby state to accept more refugees? The question was and is reasonable given a state political source said so, and Dr. Jason Keith Allen’s signatory status with the George Soros funded Evangelical Immigration Table. However, one must take anonymous sources with a degree of skepticism. They are after all pursuing their own agenda. However, while the source maintains their view of the matter, we must accept as definitive regarding the December meeting this:

“How do I know this is fake news? I was there. I arranged the meeting between Dr. Jason Allen and Governor Mike Parson. The governor was gracious with his time and I was with them during the entire visit. Immigration never came up. In fact, we did not discuss politics. Dr. Allen shared with him all of the wonderful things God is doing at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Kansas City. The governor was interested because he understands that the seminary provides many pastors for Southern Baptist churches in his state (the governor is also Southern Baptist). It was a great meeting and it is disheartening, if not downright disgusting that such a false report could be so widely disseminated.
“Dr. Allen’s integrity is impeccable, and this report not only should be removed, but an apology and the truth should take its place. Call me. I was there.”

When the anonymous source claims one thing and a witness claims another, then it is wise to consider the central claim—which bears repeating: “Immigration never came up. In fact, we did not discuss politics…I was there.”

That must be the end of the matter and the definitive answer to the question our post asked.

We must be thankful that both Dr. Allen and Don Hinkle took the time to provide clarity and deliver the definitive account of the matter.

We attached this note in an update at the top of the original post, but things like that have a tendency to get lost. So, we also posted this in a new post to make sure it gathered appropriate attention in both placements.


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