Will Georgia Baptists join Tennessee Baptists in condemning Identity Politics?

State Conventions consider resolutions against Identity Politics. Tennessee approved resolution. Georgia Baptist Convention’s Executive Committee studies similar resolution against Critical Race Theory.

Efforts underway to repeal, repudiate and replace Resolution 9.

As we reported previously, Tennessee Baptists rejected the Analytical Tools of Identity Politics in a resolution denouncing Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality as “inconsistent with a Biblical worldview and theology.” It was a strong condemnation of the use of Critical Race Theory by Christians. It was the kind of resolution that Southern Baptists would have preferred over the disaster from Birmingham in Resolution 9—which approved the use of Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality as “analytical tools.” Good news. Tennessee may have company in condemning the Resolution 9.

Georgia too is considering a resolution against this form of Identity Politics infecting the Southern Baptist Convention. The Georgia resolution was referred to the State’s Executive Committee for study during the Georgia Baptist Convention’s Annual Meeting in November.

The resolution was submitted by Peter Lumpkins. Lumpkins is a conservative Southern Baptist and well-known blogger.

According to the Georgia Baptist Convention’s Resolution’s Committee report delivered by Kelvin Cochran, chairman of the Resolutions Committee, the resolution was referred to the Executive Committee to create an Ad Hoc committee to study the resolution. According to Cochran, the Ad Hoc Study Committee should include Lumpkins as one of its members.

So, the future of this resolution rests with the ad hoc committee and ultimately with the Georgia Baptist Convention’s Executive Committee. Will it move forward or be buried in committee?

Southern Baptists will watch this development with interest as multiple efforts are underway from many different sources to repeal, repudiate and replace Resolution 9. Those efforts will make for an interesting Resolution’s Committee report in Orlando during the 2020 Annual Meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Orlando 2020 will likewise hold interest for conservatives as the Southern Baptist Convention elects its next president. There will be a contested election. It’ll be informative to watch who the Woke, Social Justice Crowd supports.