Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary hires professor promoting a ‘different religion’

Will Southern Baptists continue to fund seminaries run amok with Progressive faculty?

The Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary hired a professor who promotes a “different religion,” through support of the Revoice Conference, according to conservative Southern Baptists.

The point was made in an important article from Dr. Tom Ascol, “Rosaria Butterfield has stated, speaking of the Revoice conference, ‘Gay Christianity is a different religion.’ Yet, President Danny Akin, President of Southeastern, has hired Dr. Karen Swallow Prior to teach at his school when she has unapologetically endorsed a conference that, in the words of Dr. Butterfield, promotes a different religion. And he expects Southern Baptists to sit back quietly and pay her salary.” (Source)


But, that is exactly what elite Southern Baptists expect—that the silent people in the pews will continue to fund this shift Leftward.

Oh, but the absurdity gets better.

SEBTS president Daniel Akin and new SEBTS professor Karen Swallow Prior disagree on if Karen Swallow Prior is a complementarian.

SEBTS president Daniel Akin says Karen Swallow Prior is a complementarian.

Karen Swallow Prior says she is not a complementarian.

It prompts the question, does Daniel Akin even know what complementarian means?

But this continues the long slide into progressive, Woke thinking at Southeastern. It is Ground Zero for the Social Justice infiltration of the SBC. The school “Gave Voice” to Malcolm X.

And there have been many warnings raised bout Karen Swallow Prior in the last year both related to Revoice and her writings.

Earlier this year, we noted the dangerous nature of her recent book—which platformed “confessing Christians” like a pro-abortion Ellen Painter Dollar and a pro-homosexual writer Matthew Vines.

Dollar writes in her chapter, “The Bible doesn’t tell us whether abortion, prenatal diagnosis, IVF or PGD are right or wrong.”

This is demonstrably false. The Bible and the church have insisted since the beginning that abortion was murder and prohibited to the Christian. The Didache, written in the second century, said as much.

Such a view isn’t mainstream.

Why would Karen Swallow Prior legitimize such a view?

Why would Daniel Akin and the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary hire a professor holding a culture-pleasing view on Gay Christianity?

Should Southern Baptists pay for this?

It reminds us of Pickles and Souls.

It is time for Southern Baptists to reject the Leftward drift of our bureaucratic elite. End the SBC Deep State by voting for a real conservative in Orlando 2020.