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Southern Baptist theologian calls for Soros-backed immigration reform

A Southern Baptist theology professor and provost at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary tweeted support for the Evangelical Immigration Table Immigration Reform plan. The Evangelical Immigration Table (EIT) is supported by the George Soros funded National Immigration Forum.

Want to know more about the National Immigration Forum? Well, Michelle Malkin explains in her new book Open Borders Inc.: Who’s Funding America’s Destruction?, “The National Immigration Forum (NIF) was founded by far-left attorney Dale Frederick ‘Rick’ Swartz of the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights, who opposed tracking and deporting visa overstayers and opposed sanctions against companies that violated immigration laws.”

Malkin also helpfully explores the Soros links to immigration groups looking to destabilize the United States. Soros backs not only the Evangelical Immigration Table via his support for the National Immigration Forum, but also “National Council of La Raza (“The Race”), which is now known as UnidosUS,” according to Malkin.

In short, Soros has spent a lot of money on a lot of different organizations to change US immigration policy. That includes a growing influence on American evangelicals. The EIT is just one example of the Soros reach.


Bruce Ashford, Provost at SEBTS tweeted, “Friends, please consider adding your signature to this ‘Evangelical Call for Restitution-Based Immigration Reform.’ It upholds law and order, rejects amnesty, provides a just and humane path to restitution and eventual documentation.”

How does it uphold the rule of law? Oh, by allowing illegal aliens to remain in the US through a system of fines. These would be considered restitution for breaking the law.

According to the EIT plan, “We support a process of restitution (not amnesty) where violation of law is admitted to and significant fines/penalties are paid by immigrants (in installments over a period of seven years)W who came illegally (or overstayed a visa) as adults, leading to a pathway to Legal Permanent Residency if qualifications are met. Immigrants who were brought to the US unlawfully or overstayed a visa as children (Dreamers) would go through a process where they can get onto a pathway to Legal Permanent Residency if qualifications are met.”

In other words, citizenship would be for sale.

Borders would become a legal fiction for anyone able to pay the nominal admission fee.

How sad to see a nation reduced to trading citizenship for dollars.

You might be asking, why are so called conservative evangelicals promoting something from the George Soros immigration agenda?

That’s a good question.

Why are elite evangelicals, those associated with the highest positions in Big Evangelicalism (Big Eva for short), promoting something that obviously undermines the rule of law?

Despite their best protestations otherwise, it obviously turns the nation’s borders into even more of a joke.

As scholars and conservatives regularly argue, “A border, therefore, is represented not just by a line on the ground but also in the collective minds of citizens, constituting an important element in the way people imagine the nation as a limited, sovereign community of citizens to which they belong.”

In other words, to be a nation-state implies having borders. Actual borders that mean things.

Big Eva dislikes the nation-state in general and America in particular.

Southern Baptists you are paying the salaries of men like this Southern Baptist theology professor and the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission’s Russell Moore to undermine your country through this defective political theology.

You must demand better.

4 thoughts on “Southern Baptist theologian calls for Soros-backed immigration reform”

  1. Thank you for your excellent coverage of these issues.

    There is always an economic engine or power structure behind these movements. In case after case, those involved with taking over traditional institutions or policy are shown to be linked to outside money, jobs, extensive travel, seats of board of directors of business and large non-profits.

    By our faith and our pronouncements, Southern Baptists are traditionalist in nature. Those at the seminary and in Left leaning churches are not interested in strengthening the SBC, instead, they are interested in fundamentally altering it to represent a new faith and new traditions.

    Certainly, believers acting in good faith would simply start a new convention that reflects their beliefs …they would not destroy the existing spiritual home of millions just to make themselves a new home.

  2. It started with the non-scriptural idea of the brotherhood of man. By scriptural definition not all men are brothers, not all men are even neighbors.

    By Christ’s own definitions, a brother is a Christian who “does the will of the Father”. A neighbor is one who behaves as a Christian. Loving all men is not permitted in scripture without bring wrath from God upon yourself.

    The Potter did not make all men to be saved. Read Romans 9. Stop evangelizing in the thorny and rocky ground. The good ground is going fallow because it has been ignored. The diversity the left teaches is a violation of God’s Law. God’s Law says quite a lot about immigration. Maybe it is time to start believing what it says instead of spiritualizing it into meaninglessness.

    2 Corinthians 6:17a “Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate (To set off by boundary), saith the Lord”.

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