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BREAKING: FBC Naples sics lawyers on dissenting church members

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Law firm is described as expensive national firm. It has perfect score from the LGBTQ Human Rights Campaign.

A Florida church that is facing a huge budget shortfall and discord over the choice of its next senior pastor has hired a high-priced law firm to bully church members and former members, according to sources close to the church who are familiar with the legal maneuvers. Cease and desist letters directed toward persons church leadership believes were against the choice for the new senior pastor are one option already used by the church against dissenters. (For background: What You Need to Know About the First Baptist Naples Crisis.)

Christians are typically dissuaded from pursuing legal remedies against other Christians, but ignoring biblical commands seems common for the Woke leadership of FBC Naples. The leadership expelled several members in retaliation for opposition to the choice for senior pastor.

The chaos at First Baptist Church of Naples, Florida began when a pastoral candidate failed to meet the 85% approval required by the church constitution and by-laws. The church leadership complained that racism was the reason for the rejection. The church produced no evidence to support its assertion. Several members who have come forward to various websites produced evidence their concerns were spiritual, theological or political-moral.

They alleged the church leadership is acting in a vindictive manner against them. The members excommunicated from First Baptist Church of Naples say the church ignored proper procedures including commands from Jesus to address the issue face-to-face and to give the accused a process to answer the specific charges before the entire church. Instead of the entire church being involved, only the pastoral staff and the deacons were involved.

The members were excommunicated after a vote by the deacons. They were informed impersonally via letter from the deacons.

Given the arbitrary manner where the church ignored proper biblical models for church discipline, the introduction of expensive lawyers adds a new layer of abuse and an attempt to intimidate.

However, more and more members and former members of First Baptist Church of Naples, Florida are coming forward to speak about their treatment at the hands of the church leadership. No doubt, there will be more to follow.

1 thought on “BREAKING: FBC Naples sics lawyers on dissenting church members”

  1. The actions of the church leadership are simply unbelievable.

    What I have learned from studying the Social Justice Movement is that there is always substantial money and/or opportunities for personal enrichment or prestige available to those that are helpful to the movement. Often, these opportunities come in the form of career advancement, seats on business or non-profits, advancement for family and friends, “expense money” and travel.

    Let me be clear, I do not have any inside information about the leadership at the church. However, in virtually every case I have studied, either here in the US and in England, there was an economic engine or power structure that was fueling the takeover.

    Anyone familiar with the Social Justice movement knew from the beginning that a “movement” law firm would be engaged. The play book is getting old, but it works every time as “normal, regular people” can’t stand up to “Woke Inc.” Public humiliations, shunning, loss of career and friends, etc., are just too much for the individuals that have no support from their logical allies. The allies of traditional institutions have watched K-12 education, the universities, the non-profit space, the corporate boardrooms, the media, most mainline religions, etc. be taken over and for the most part they did or said nothing.

    I suspect the Woke Movement considers it an easy task to get the Southern Baptist to become pro-abortion and to institutionalize tyrannical treatment towards its members when they have heartfelt disagreements with woke leaders. After all, they have a long unbroken string of victories already.

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