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Pastor claims white heterosexual men oppress women and LGBTQ people

A Southern Baptist Pastor who said white Christians should admit their parents and grandparents were complicit in the assassination of Martin Luther King has now argued that white heterosexual men oppress LGBTQ persons in the United States.

In a Twitter exchange over Critical Theory, Thabiti Anyabwile was asked by Neil Shenvi:

“Thabiti, do you affirm that ‘men and heterosexuals are oppressor groups and women and LGBTQ people are oppressed groups’ when we interpret those sentences using everyday English definitions?”

Anyabwile responded by affirming these groups were oppressed and in American history this was done predominately by white heterosexual men.

Anyabwile said, “My short answer is YES, I think both of those groups suffer measures of oppression in US society-i.e., pay inequality, job discrimination, intimate partner violence, sexual assault, etc.

“And, YES, I affirm that when such oppression has occurred historically and contemporarily at a ‘society’ level as you put it, it has happened generally at the hands of ‘men and heterosexuals.’ And in US history and society, the oppressing group has gen’ly also been white.”

This is not Anyabwile first bout with controversial statements embracing Identity Politics. Last April, the Southern Baptist pastor and favorite of ERLC head Russell Moore, blamed all white people in the United States for the murder of Martin Luther King.

He wrote, “My white neighbors and Christian brethren can start by at least saying their parents and grandparents and this country are complicit in murdering a man who only preached love and justice.

Anyabwile later penned a general apology for Christians offended by his writings.

As Dr. Albert Mohler warned earlier this year, Identity Politics is destructive to the nation and the church. Mohler warned, “The main consequence of critical race theory and intersectionality is identity politics, and identity politics can only rightly be described, as antithetical to the gospel of Jesus Christ. We have to see identity politics as disastrous for the culture and nothing less than devastating for the church of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Yet, those promoting Identity Politics are platformed by The Gospel Coalition and many entities of the Southern Baptist Convention. Anyabwile is slated to speak at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary at a 9Marks event last week (September 27-29, 2019.)

It is time for action.

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